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We have the following primary goals for this Ambassador gathering

  1. Discuss the progress of the Ambassador pilot and determine if/how the program should continue
  2. Recruit new Net2 organizers, with Ambassadors focusing on people from their region
    1. We are aiming to collect contact info/business cards for 50 prospects (10 each) the hope of setting up 10 new organizers from the leads within the next six months
  3. Share strategies for improving regional mentorship
  4. Get social – Net2 is all about relationships!

How to share the experience with our local groups and with the wider NetSquared and TechSoup world.
Storify? Use the Net2 and 14NTC hashtags.

Social Media Surgery howto: 14NTCSMS

Organizer testimonial videos
Please gathering 1 minute videos from your regional gathering participants using the template.
Net2 co-organizer interview questions 2014-05-22.docx