14NTC Wednesday discussion topics

We’re meeting from 4 – 6pm today.
Which means we can’t cover everything. Let’s parking lot things knowing that we will have several meals together and the NetSquared dinner on Saturday and the Sunday brunch.

Parking Lot

Saturday evening dinner

For items of interest to all Net2 organizers

Sunday brunch

Net2 Ambassador discussion

From Stephen
Learn from each other about practicalities of being co-organiser and Ambassador

Topics we’ll cover will include:
– selecting topics
– working with other networks
– recruiting co-organisers
– keeping the momentum going
– sharing what works. – how best to keep in touch.

Getting to know one another so we can support each other in future.
Update on big picture #net2 stuff, eg theme months, Regional Ambassadors pilot

Be visible at 14NTC, recruit new potential organizers.
Connect people doing community based organising.


  • Net2 Ambassadors
    • Looking back:
      • what has been working well
      • What needs improvement
    • Looking forward through June 30 (end of pilot)
      • What are you planning?
  • What about next year?
    • Should we continue the Net2 pilot knowing that it’s by far our biggest budget item
    • If yes, what would be the goals? What should it look like?
  • How to recruit organizers at 14NTC
    • prompts to begin discussion

Maria’s suggestions

Sunday plan
What should we do? Proposal: excursion with video cameras?