Ambassador Call September 2013

Welcome to our first NetSquared Regional Ambassadors call!
We’ll be holding quarterly calls during this year (September 2013 – June 2014)

When: Monday, September 16. Noon PST (find your local time with
Where: Google+ hangout:

Meeting notes: September 16 2013 meeting notes


  • I’m Eli!
  • Sheetal intros (has to leave meeting early)
  • Quick intros by Ambassadors and TSG staff.

Include those who couldn’t attend, and include Glenn and Alicja and Joyce.

Eli gives background on the Regional Ambassador pilot

  • history in Global Leadership Council
  • 1 year pilot – we will be evaluating whether it works.
  • Limited # of regions initially, but will offer additional support via TSG staff


What is this gig? 🙂

  • attend quarterly calls
  • attend gathering in Washington. Book off the week of March 10, 2014.
    • Ensure you have traveling documents in good order.
  • Outreach to organizers in your region by email, chat, video call, etc. (monthly)
    • see discussion below on what outreach will look like.
  • Completion of six question evaluation survey (monthly)
  • Be lead organizer for Net2camp event
    • Regional net2 organizers invited to participate (some travel support available)
  • Identify and support new Net2 organizers in your region

How we can support you

  • Eli to send you monthly prompt with suggestions for outreach to your organizers
  • We’ll cover all expenses for March trip to Washington, DC and NTC admission
  • Priority access to education and travel bursary fund
    • We want you to attend nonprofit tech conferences, events and trainings. We want you out there learning and recruiting and building your reputation!
    • $1,000+ set aside for each Net2 Ambassador. Funds need to be approved by TSG. Process to follow.
  • Financial support for holding regional NetSquared Camp

We estimate that this should take about five hours/month on average (March and your Net2camp will be the exception!)

What does mentorship and outreach look like?

The big questions of this pilot are: does peer mentorship work for Net2 organizers and if so what kind of mentorship and support?

  • More frequent low-touch outreach vs. heavy outreach
  • face-to-face vs virtual

See our goals in the evaluation outline.

Documenting outreach
How do we keep a record by make things REALLY easy?

I set us up with a shared Highrise CRM account. You just need to add a BCC address when you email and organizer and the note will be automatically added to their record.

How will we communicate?

  • this wiki – I’ll post all core documentation here
  • Email list?
    • propose a google group
    • Google+ community?
    • Facebook group?
    • other ideas?
  • Quarterly chats
    • Google+ Hangout okay?
    • Conference call better? (Readytalk)
  • how will we communicate status updates on the Regional Ambassadors to the Net2 organizer community?

Next Steps

Next call
Arranging a call time that will work for everyone will be next to impossible. I volunteer to take the hit next time.
Check your local time at

Let’s agree on a time window and then I’ll circulate a doodle poll.

Agenda for December

  • How’s your outreach going so far?
    • what works?
    • where do you need more support?
  • What do you want to do when we gather in March 2014?
  • Start planning Net2Camps