Ambassador Meeting March 23 2015

When: Monday, March 23. 12:00 Pacific Time (find your local time here).
Where: Readytalk conference call (call-in info here)
Agenda and Notes:

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  NetSquared Ambassadors Meeting #2

When: Monday, March 23. 12:00 Pacific Time (find your local time time:
Where: Readytalk conference call/ Call-in info here:
Agenda and Notes:



  • What are your take-aways from 15NTC?
    • We’re all tea drinkers!
    • Birgit: sad she couldn’t make the core meetings, but loved the interactions through the event
  • How could we make the experience better next year?
  • What worked best?
  • What can be improved?

Current ongoing projects include:

  • Values prioritization
  • Net2 website improvements
    • waiting on the end of the current update sprint and then will begin recruiting a feedback team
    • Net2 speaker form
  • Office 365 bootcamp project
    • funding probably won’t be available to USA groups, but the core curriculum should be.
  • Tweet Chats and #Commbuild
    • Eli to meet with #Commbuild’s Praan today
    • Lewis: TechSoup to 
      • Does Commbuild need a refresh/rebrand. How to make clean that it’s international?
      • What about a new Commbuild? #GlobalCommbuild #globalNGOs
      • TS to bring their global reach to support Commbuild – topics that have participation from more orgs 
      • What is the right time. Or the right timeS
    • Birgit: Creating something new might be the best approach
    • Identity
      • What is the topic?
      • Community building? vs Global NGO space
      • Ideas vs practice/tactics
      • Some centralization may be needed.
    • Infrastructure needed:
      • Some discussion place for key organizers
        • Twitter group direct message chat?
      • Regular schedule
      • Web presence
        • Upcoming events
        • reports
      • On the Net2 website?
      • Promotional kit and distro list
  • #TechedUp campaign $12,000
    • slides, emails via meetup, Thunderclap
  • Peace Corps
  • TechSoup catalog and welcome kits for new organizers
    • Brainstorm document to follow


  • Budgets increased to $4,000
    • Birgit:
      • NCtech4Good – who and how many willl we invite?
        • 4 or 5 people at most.
        • we budgeted around $3,500
          • review the budget.
        • Leading Change Summit in Washington, DC is another option
          • Focus: bring in the Chicago organizer.
          • Michigan organizers are less engaged right now
        • Paul in Westchester, PA. Birgit to connect us! 
  • Next step
    • date
    • location
    • initial budget to allow estimate for number of attendees
    • make prioritized invitations
  • Monthly outreach emails
    • Eli to start sending monthly survey starting April 1
    • Eli to start sending monthly prompts to send to members
  • Outreach plans and tools
    • Birgit: asynchronous is needed
      • Slack is a good option
      • but *might* be limited to 100 active users if we go Pro.
      • What if we use the free account
    • Regional G+ hangouts?
    • Regional Slack groups?


  • Are we making an impact? 
    • We discussed doing some post-event surveys this year with our members. A small pilot.
  • Sign-up app at events?
    • allows you to get member emails
    • Allows TSG to check if people are registered for TS and invite if not
    • allows us tp prep for a post-meetup world