Camps 2012 Introduction

Camps 2012 Introduction #NetSquaredCamp

Note: applications for the 2012 Regional Gathering Fund are now closed.


Application deadline: Monday, June 24 2012
Announcement of recipients: Tuesday, July 3 2012
Final event held: October 31, 2012

Regional Gathering Fund

We are excited to announce the launch of the Regional Gathering Fund (RGF), an initiative that will provide financial support to help NetSquared organizers hold regional Camps around the world.
The RGF is being offered with the generous support of SAP and will coincide with the launch of the new NetSquared platform in late July 2012. Our goal is to celebrate the platform launch by giving event participants the opportunity to use and benefit from it!

We have approximately $13,000 available to support Camps in several global locations, with amounts ranging from $500 – 3,000 USD.

To apply you must be the organizer of an active NetSquared group or one that is serious about re-booting. Although you are welcome to request support for an event in your specific town or city,applications submitted by two or more NetSquared organizers in a given region will be viewed more favorably. The more NetSquared Local groups involved, the better! We also encourage events where participating organizers meet separately before, during or after the Camp to share ideas and strategies for future collaboration.

We leave it up to you to define the details, including the length of your Camp. However, we do ask that:

  1. events be held in the late summer or early fall 2012;
  2. they generally follow the NetSquared Camp format; and
  3. you make other commitments such as encouraging attendees to register on the new NetSquared platform. More about this on our application form.

So all NetSquared organizers out there, please get in touch with your peers (who can be found here) to brainstorm ideas and submit your application no later than Monday June 25, 2012.
To learn more about our past Camps please visit this page or contact @Elijah or @MarcManashil for further information.