Camps Participation Submission

Think you’re ready to start the process of running a Local Camp? Hooray! We’re thrilled to hear from you and hope we can make this a fun and sustainable process.

If you have reviewed the Activity Checklist and the Features and Benefits of running a Local Camp, and are confident and excited to collaborate with us, the next step is simple!

Submit Your City

Please email the NetSquared team at net2 @ and include:

  1. Your name and city, country
  2. Whether you are a currently a NetSquared organizer or not
  3. Your organization or project
  4. Your email address and phone or skype
  5. When you are most conveniently available to connect directly via phone/skype

A member of the NetSquared team will respond to your email and will set up a time to talk with you on the phone/skype. Together, you will review the other details for running a Camp (information can also be found in the rest of the Camps section on this wiki), and answer any questions you have about participation.

Vetting Criteria:

  1. Location: if organizers in neighboring locations both want to hold a camp, we will encourage collaboration for a larger and more dynamic camp instead of two competing locations
  2. Experience: we encourage organizers to host a Camp that have been part of the NetSquared Community for more than 6 months as a local organizer or have participated in Challenges, Conferences or other NetSquared events before
  3. Time: organizers need to be able to commit to between 2-10 hours/week (depending on proximity to the event) to organizing their Camp

After the initial vetting, participating organizers will gather on a conference call together to discuss next steps and specific details for running a local Camp.

Let’s go!