Community Call February 2014


Welcome to the February 2014 Net2Local community call!

When: Thursday, February 13. Noon – 1:00 PM pacific time (find your local time with
Where: Readytalk conference call (call-in info here)


I’m still putting this together. Please let me know what you’d like to talk about!

So far this is what I’m proposing:

  • – the new version in private beta for NetSquared organizers
    • Kevin Lo to provide intro
    • What’s changing and why?
    • What next?
      • Quarterly Net2 updates
      • Slide decks
      • Social Media promo
      • Net2 registration when people register on
        • Net2 events on (USA-only initially)
  • Net2local Participant Survey – what does it all mean? (join the screen share to review survey results)
    • Cross-promotion
  • Sheetal to share plans for Net2 in 2014
      • Open Knowledge Foundation
      • Some other things
      • SAP partnerships
        • Philly, Chicago, DC, Toronto
  • NTC
    • Ambassador gathering
    • Wednesday night – crash NTC Beer
    • Sunday morning organizer brunch
    • Are you going?
    • Community Organizers Connect session
  • Social Media Surgeries
    • Companies are partners
  • Reports from Net2 Events
    • Birgit Pauli-Haack
    • Camilla Burg
    • Francine Legma
  • May + June
    • Mobile theme months

What would you like to talk about? Please email your suggestions to me!

Readytalk Conference call

We’ll be using the a phone conference call system with screen sharing. Go here for log-in info.

Transcript Notes from the NetSquared Organizers Community Call – the new version in private beta for NetSquared organizers

Kevin Lo of TechSoup, liaison with developers of new site. Will be highlighting the Net2 Locals to the front of the site, along with events, groups.

We are cleaning things up and removing not as used things. Featured content will be Net2 Local programs – front and center on site rather than buried.

Net2local Participant Survey – what does it all mean? (**survey results**)

Survey results of those attending Net2 events. Findings – who are the attendees, they are largely marketing/ communications, exec directors, or work in IT. A happy surprise that we have a larger # of organizers than we thought.

Half our NGOS, 25% are consultants, and the rest as others interested. We are moreso accessing those in smaller orgs. Most attending are the decision makers in their org on technology.

Why do you go to a meetup? Number one reason to network with like- minded people, 2nd reason to learn to use tech within their org, and then followed by those who want to learn a topic for their own reasons.

Review of Net2 events – 82% say they are great or good. Need to ongoing measure to see any trends.

  • Regina commented – says depends on event on if the survey results jive.
  • Camilla, in Paris commented – the survey results seem on point,

The survey also asked what the likely hood of attending on various topics is. Useful for future event planning. The people who are attending Net2 events are wanting to learn in a face-to-face environment than online.

We hope to cross-promote – make it easier to share some of the free resources available with TechSoup with Net2 Local audiences. Will provide a pre-fab of upcoming webinars and supply preformatted outreach messaging/tweets.

We are going to do 2 major steps over next 6 months. Working in a automated way to add all meetup events to a central calendar on the new Net2 site. We also are planning to have those who register for that we give users an opportunity for them to sign up to their Net2 Locals.

Will also be sending out targeted email asks within our future newsletter email outreach.

  • Gina from San Francisco – useful to have some about TechSoup content within a slidedeck and will email what she is using.

How do you talk about the Net2 and the TechSoup connection? We need to tell the story clearly on the impact of Net2, the good it does in the world and why it exists.

  • Gina suggests maybe using Storify for this about Net2 storytelling.
  • Ivan in Portland – they give shout outs to TechSoup and mention of their donation program, etc. group is joint sponsored by NTEN and Net2, NTEN will send a slide with info on any upcoming events/promos along with sample outreach content/tweets/etc.
  • Judy of NCcampforGood – interested in handing out at tables info. Often not a lot of time to take during meetings for this.
  • Eli & Joyce will follow up on printed leaflets, slides, and other related content.

On the Upcoming #14NTC

  • Ambassador gathering (connecting on Wednesday)
  • Wednesday night – crash NTC Beer
  • Sunday morning organizer brunch
  • Are you going?

o Ivan
o Judy
o Brigit
o Who else?

  • Community Organizers Connect session on Friday’s NTC schedule

Follow up by getting a list together of those Net2 folks presenting at NTC to share amongst those going

Sheetal shared plans for Net2 in 2014

Sheetal manages TechSoup’s Global Media team – made of Community & Content teams. Trying to bring Net2 closer to the forefront of Global Media, and leverage content and tying topics together.

How do we get funding to support Net2? We need to communicate not just numbers, but impact/themes and story of Net2 events/work. Has been looking for more opportunities to connect other programs.

Partnership with World Bank and the Knowledge Foundation. Knowledge gives trainings to help others use their data more effectively. Open Knowledge Foundation has fellows located around the world. Not fully scalable to use just this to push out these trainings/work. TechSoup looking at Net2 organizers as a way to do this. Access to training materials and resources on data for NGOs/nonprofits to be used throughout Net2 Locals. Organizers of specific regions may also be able to directly work on this project..

We will be getting updates on this as it formalizes.

Social Media Surgeries
Elli is working with SAP on data visualization – data in a day workshop to connect Net2 Organizers with strong content from sponsored experts. These partnerships provide Surgeons as experts, where Net2 Locals could act as hosts and take advantage of expert knowledge.

Reports from Net2 Events
Camilla Burg – has an event late Nov/Dec, with a social entrepreneur, wrote a book and gave examples of innovation on the web and happening locally – local action. Examples of local social good – buying baguettes for local homeless, etc. Try to have a relaxed atmosphere so people can connect during the event. An inspiring evening of learning about what other innovators are doing for social good.

Events go long. Start with a line of truth, and a theme. Human barometer on specific statements and if they AGREE or DISAGREE, and place themselves in the line accordingly.

Have a matchmaking board, of post-it’s of, “I Need” and “I can Offer”

Get attendees, who they are, where they are from and their three key words of their passions/self

Brigit Pauli-Haack in FL – topic of Social Media Surgery. They are in a higher season of lots of NP fundraising events competing for attention. Facebook / G+ / Twitter / Blogging

Had attendees write down what is really hurting from each of these. Then hand to next group. And if this is a problem, this is what you can do with it.

The surgeons then talked on updates and specifics to platforms and how they related to these problems/suggestions. Had 4 experts/surgeons. What came out of it was the importance of listening to what others are doing and share best practices.

Eli comments – that there seems to be a current push for Social Media Surgeries with small groups rather than one on one.