Documenting Events

This section of the wiki offers some tips on documenting your events.

Why might you want to document your event?

  • To share what was learned with the event attendees
  • To create promotional material to attract people to your group
  • Because the Net2 Community Manager expects quarterly report-backs from your group! 🙂


There are several ways to create videos of your event.

Video testimonials

You can create short video testimonials from your surgeons and patients
See the video testimonials section for details.


Check out our livestreaming section for more information


Screencasting is a video recording of all on-screen action on your computer.
This is perfect for capturing software demos and creating videos with the slides and synced presenter audio of a presentation.

See the screencasting section for more information.


Post videos from your event on YouTube and tag them “NetSquared” (or contact us for help adding your video to the official NetSquared account)


Please tag all photos with “Net2


  • Tag photos with “Net2”
  • Add to NetSquared group pool


  • Tag photos with “Net2”
  • Tweet at @NetSquared


All NetSquared organizers have access to the community blog. We encourage you to share your events.

If you are running your own group website please share any event reports with us so
that we can give you some social media love!


Include the #Net2 hashtag or @NetSquared reply in your messages to tweet about your events (we’ll try to promote your events, too!)