Growing Your Community

There are many different ways to promote or market your group, both on and offline. This section includes specific suggestions and examples that you can use or modify to fit your community and needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us for help or questions.

For more information about and case studies from groups using various tools to market their events, use the links below:

  1. Audience – Who is the audience for our events?
  2. Email Messaging – How can we grow interest using email?
  3. Using Online Tools– How can we grow event attendance using websites and social media?
  4. Products and Materials – Where can we find badges and logos? How can we make branded tee-shirts?
  5. Collaborations and Partnerships– How can we collaborate with another organization on an event or series of events?

Tips on growing your community
Sadly there is no magic formula for growing a group, but there are a few trends:

  1. Meeting monthly in the same location seems to help. Gaps in the schedule lower attendance.
  2. Partnerships are key! Let others bring their community to you (see examples on this page).
  3. Enter with zero expectations!
  4. Try a new format, like a social media surgery.
  5. Use – it’s an engine for finding people who are interested in attending an in-person gathering
    1. Add the maximum of 20 topics to your meetup group.
    2. Meetups without scheduled events attract far fewer sign-ups.