How to Apply for NetSquared Camp FY 14 Funding

As of 2014-01-27 we are running low on grant funds. Please contact the NetSquared Community Manager before you apply.


We invite NetSquared organizers to apply for financial assistance to hold a NetSquared Camp.

What is NetSquared Camp?

You know what a NetSquared event is… well, NetSquared Camps are the same but bigger!

Net2Camp events are typically day-long or multi-day informal unconferences, formal conferences, hackathons or project-focused events. The format is up to you, as long as it meets the criteria we have outlined.

Why is TechSoup Global providing grant opportunities?

This year’s NetSquared Camp grants have three goals:

  • To support the growth of existing NetSquared groups by allowing them to create larger events that build on their monthly meetups by increasing engagement and attendance.
  • To support the NetSquared Regional Ambassadors pilot by supporting the creation of regional events.
  • To create opportunities for NetSquared organizers to get together face-to-face during which they share ideas, challenges and avenues for future collaboration.

When are applications accepted?

We will accept applications during two waves:

  • Round 1: October 21 – November 3, 2013 for events to be completed by February 28 2014.
  • Round 1: February 3 – 16, 2014 for events to be completed by June 15, 2014.

Applications will be accepted outside these waves only with approval by the NetSquared Community Manager.

Completion date: All NetSquared Camps must be completed and reports submitted by June 30, 2014.

How much can you ask for?

We will be disbursing grants between US$250 to US$1,000.

Application Form

The NetSquared Camp application form is here:

Criteria for selection

Criteria for selection will include sustained and significant contribution to the Net2 Local program, demonstrated leadership ability; connections to the tech for social good sector; demonstrated enthusiasm for the Net2 Local mission.

We will prioritize applications from Net2 organizers who meet the following criteria:

  • Includes participation by NetSquared organizers from other groups, with a focus on those groups in their region.
  • Applications by two or more NetSquared groups are encouraged. However, one organizer must take on the lead role for the purpose of the contract.
  • Focuses on recruiting participants who have the interest and capacity to take on leadership roles as co-organizers or leaders of their own group in your region.
  • Organizer has been actively holding monthly meetups for at least one year.

NOTE: Net2camp grants are intended to support events that are beyond the scope of your regular events. NetSquared organizers are not eligible for funding to sustain their monthly meetups which are expected to be self sufficient through local in-kind and financial sponsors arranged by the organizer.

Who will make make the selection

A team of TechSoup Global staff will make the selection, led by the NetSquared Community Manager and the Director of Global Media.


Organizers must complete their event and submit all required reporting by June 30, 2014.

Successful grantees will be asked to do the following:

Branding and logos

  • Branding the event as NetSquared Camp and using the NetSquared or NetSquared Camp logo
  • Acknowledging the sponsorship of TechSoup Global and using their logo in promotional materials and pages


  • Completing a survey after the event to report back key outcomes.
  • Tag videos, slides, tweets, etc. With #Net2camp and #Net2
  • Collect at least five short (informal) testimonial videos from participants. Follow the general guidelines posted here:
  • Blogging at least twice on the blog about the event
  • Share your event learnings on the Net2Local mailing list

Expanding the NetSquared network

A major goal of NetSquared Camps is to expand and strengthen the Net2 network. You will work with the NetSquared Community Manager to set at least one additional goal in one or more of these areas:

  • Recruitment of new co-organizer for your group
  • Identify and recruit new organizer in your region who has the capacity and interest to start a new NetSquared group
  • Participation by NetSquared organizer(s) from your region in your event (additional travel bursary may be available for Net2 organizers)

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the money arrive?
f your application is approved please allow five weeks for your funds to be processed. Therefore we encourage you to plan your event severals months after the granting window.

Who selects the winning grant proposals?
A team of TechSoup Global staff will make the selection, led by the NetSquared Community Manager and the Director of Global Media.