Livestreaming Events

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Livestreaming or video-taping your events is a great way to share the content from your city all around the world. We’re looking for more “how-to” livestreaming content for this page. Do you have experience with livestreaming? Share your tips below!

Case Studies and Key Takeaways

  • The Cambridge and Manchester NetSquared groups co-hosted an event using one speaker in Cambridge with a live audience, audio livestreamed to a live audience in Manchester. Here’s the full overview.
  • Google+ Hangouts and Skype: Google+ Hangoutsare a live video chat tool. Like skype, you can use video or audio to connect in real-time with people around the world. The advantage of Google+ is that hangouts allow you to have multiple video inputs for free.
    • The Silicon Valley Net2 Local organizer has used Google+ Hangouts to organize virtual meetings. The organizer finds Google Hangouts to be a dramatic improvement over Skype.
    • “Depending on size, we recently broadcast via G+ hangout. It allowed us to include people who were spread across the US and it caught attention from others who happened to be on G+.” – Julie Pippert
    • Beth Kanter has a wiki page with tips on using Skype and Google+ Hangouts for interviews. The advice there could be easily adapted for community organizing.
    • Hangouts On Air: Guides, tips, experiences: Add your tips and experiences and update what’s here.
  • Using online-based streaming services – “Sites like Livestream and Ustream make it pretty easy, but video and especially sound to laptop connections require some research and expertise” – Thomas Taylor
  • Use a separate network at large events – “If you have lots of techies [at a] live event, put the stream on separate network. [This] ensures remote folks have quality feed.” – Chad Leaman
  • Archiving video – Livestreaming is a great way to engage a live audience, but it’s also great to publish the video of the event for future reference and for people who were not able to attend live. Archive video can be shared via youtube or automatically via most stream platforms.
  • Hashtags – Having a hashtag backchannel is a great way to engage virtual and in-person participants in a live conversation during the event. Check out Incorporating the Twitter backchannel in a presentation for a good overview of how to build your backchannel.

Who’s gone virtual?

Additional Learning Resources

You can share your events via the new meetup group simply and easily. Here’s how:

  1. Join the __Virtual NetSquared Local__ group on meetup
  2. Email me ( to request to be an made an assistant organizer
  3. __Post an event promotion__