NetSquared Business Cards for Organizers

You’ve been asking for them, and now I’m thrilled to say I can deliver. NetSquared Business Cards! Now you’ll have a fancy, official way to show your connection to NetSquared and TechSoup Global.

What information should we put on your card? Check out our guidelines and examples below and then fill out this form with the key information that should be included.

How can you use your NetSquared business card? Potential uses include door openers and introductions to:

  • Potential speakers
  • Venue partners
  • Sponsors
  • Volunteers
  • Members

The Rules
We have a limited budget for this project, so we ask that you follow these guidelines:

  • One (1) card order per group. We suggest you select your lead organizer, OR you can choose to leave off a name and use a shared email address if you want to create a generic card that all your co-organizers can use.
  • This opportunity is limited to active NetSquared organizers who have held at least one event in the previous six months.
  • Deadline for card requests is April 30, 2015 and cards will be shipped before July 1, 2015.
  • We can not guarantee we can honour all requests, but we’ll do our best!

NOTE: we have budgeted the printing and shipping of 30 card orders. If the number of requests is less than 30 we will open up the possibility of a second card order for your group.

What will my card look like?

On the form please enter information for each *field that you want to be included* on the card.
For space reasons we may not be able to include all fields. We will send you a proof for approval before we go to print.

More Details

  • The cards will be printed and distributed by We will each order will consist of a box of 50 cards.
    • If you’re getting a re-print I’ll consider larger print orders
  • If you want to print your own cards you can use the design template

Why business cards?
Over the last couple years I’ve been hearing from NetSquared co-organizers that they often need to look more “official” and show a strong connection between themselves and NetSquared/TechSoup Global, because the connection to a global organization can often open doors. One proposed solution was to offer NetSquared business cards to our organizers, and for the last year we’ve been piloting the utility of NetSquared business cards with the Regional Ambassadors. So far so good, so we’re doing to expand the offer of business cards to the rest of the NetSquared community this year and see how you like them and find out how you’ll be using them.

1 Year Survey
I will survey all organizers who received cards in April 2015 to determine whether they were useful and a worthwhile investment.

Impact survey:

Tentative Questions

  • How many cards do you have left?
  • Were they useful? (Scale 1-5)
  • Who did you give the cards out to? (speakers, sponsors, volunteers, members, other: ___)
  • Would you want a refill of your order if it were available?
  • What changes (if any) would you make to the card?
  • Open comment field