Next Steps and Survey

Q: I am the only organizer in my city and need to step down

Thank you for your leadership in the NetSquared community. I hate to see you go, but I understand your reasons.

It would be very helpful if you could fill out this [five question exit survey]( []( It will help us make the experience better for the next organizers. Feel free to also email me your comments on why you’re stepping down.

Our standard operating procedure (if you can call it that) when an organizer needs to step down is:

1. The organizer sends a message to the group list announcing that they need to step down and the opportunity is open for a new organizer/s to take over (see sample letter below)
2. I share the same message on NetSquared social media
3. People that respond are vetted by the organizer (as in, the organizer is like, “oh, I know you, and you’ll be great” or “i’ve never heard of this person”)
4. I have a conference call with the organizer/s interested (that the current organizer is encouraged to join to offer local insight) to discuss generally how the groups work and next steps for “taking over” as the lead

Below is a draft of an example message that other organizers who have stepped down have used. Feel free to use or tweak to share with the community. Once we have a new person, we’ll move the meetup group over to them. If you don’t hear back from anyone within a week, please message me and I’ll be happy to take leadership of the group on Meetup, and manage the transition from there.

Please share the opportunity to take over leadership of the group. Usually one or more people emerge to take the reins.

Thanks again,


Hi Changemakers,

I am stepping down as YOUR CITY NAME Organizer because YOUR REASON HERE, and reaching out to you in hopes of finding a replacement to manage our group. Please read the remainder of this email, and reach out to me if you would like this volunteer position. I will meet with the new Organizer to ensure a smooth transition and transfer of all YOUR CITY NAME assets.

NetSquared’s mission is to create consistent opportunities for local community members to come together to share ideas, ask questions, and collaborate around using technology for social benefit. Thank you in advance for helping keep this mission alive.

NetSquared provides support for all Local organizers in the way of:

1. Google Group – as a way to be connected to all organizers around the world via email
2. Organizers Handbook – this is a wiki-based tool that we are always adding to as a resource for organizers in our network and beyond
3. Orientation and ongoing support from NetSquared HQ

NetSquared also covers the cost for our group to use this site. As the organizer you will be moved to the lead role for this group and will be able to elevate other members to organizer or assistant organizer status to help you.

If you are interested in stepping up to lead our group, please let me know! I’m happy to connect you with the NetSquared team and we can be sure you have everything you need to move the group forward.

Looking forward to hearing from you,