Regional Ambassador Call April 2014

Let’s have a NetSquared Regional Ambassadors call to debrief after 14NTC!

When: Monday, April 7, 12:00 – 1:00 PM PT (find your local time with – note that Cameroon is mistakenly an hour ahead)

Where: Google+ Hangout


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Hangout chat transcript


#14NTC Follow-Up
Inventoried business cards

  • Eli: 25
  • Mel: 15
  • Stephen: 22
  • Maria: ??
  • Joyce: 21


We will reach out to each of these contacts and 1) connect them with existing Net2 group in their region or 2) talk about the opportunity of staring their own Net2local group.

Net2 Regional Gatherings

  • Carrot of the trip to the Gold Coast has helped recruit new co-organizers for new cities (Stephen)
  • that could be a good strategy in general, create Net2 community meet ups at conferences you are attending (Joyce)
  • Mel is attaching the gathering to a Good of Nothing event

Purpose of the Net2 Ambassador Program and Opportunities
The key to the Ambassador role is the Cheerleader role! (Mel)

  • IDEA: Ambassadors to make virtual presentations and participate in Net2 groups. Connect to both organizers and participations and demonstrate the global nature of Net2 (Excel)
  • Can we leverage the coming TechSoup volunteer platform to connect local project leaders and organizations with skilled volunteers from the community? (Excel)
  • Funding for Net2camp could make a bigger change in the world if it was used to support creation of project-based incubators like iHub (Excel)

Future of the Ambassador Program

How long should a Net2 Ambassador term be? – one or two years? Mel wants them to be two years, but Stephen is inclined to move on after one year.


  • I want to share the opportunity around, but also give people the chance to go deep as Ambassadors. How about: up to 2 years, but with renewal as opt-in at end of year 1.
  • We aren’t able to commit to keeping a regional active with an Ambassador – sometimes a region will be without an Ambassador, but I hope that alumni will stay more engaged. We’ll offer them priority for additional supports like grants and travel.

General feedback

We need to do a better job of handing over the NetSquared role when people leave. How? (Mel)

Part of what Net2 does is provide the ‘space’ for the magic to happen… I hubs seems to just take this same model a bit further, more in depth
Every community is different…maybe there is a fund that the ambassador can suppor ttheir communities to figure out what to do with, with general capacity building outcomes etc. So Excel might choose ihub style and others might choose something different (Mel)

Adopting Net2 Projects

Mel and Excel explored another way to support our members and demonstrate the power of the global community.

Mel – can we fund projects by crowdfunding via NetSquared.
Interesting idea: shared projects – what is the value of getting involved globally – across the network.

we would need to give clear guidance and support as to how to support crowdfunding campaigns…it’s about personal emails and contacts, about helping people connect with it personally…we need to get the net2 community to feel the global in order for them to donate. And then there needs to be very good feedback, maybe events in our communities to tell the stories
Excel, check out
in terms of connecting people with skills with space and ideas and people to make stuff actually happen