Safer Internet Event Ideas

Safer Internet Event Ideas #SaferInternet

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Here’s some event ideas courtesy of TechSoup’s Ariel Gilbert-Knight.

1. On-the-job/ desktop security

  • It’s not about the technology: Ten things you can do today (with no budget or IT staff!) to protect yourself
  • How scary is it out there, really? Understanding current and emerging threats
  • Tips for teaching internet safety to your staff, volunteers, or constituents

2. Mobile security/ safety on-the-go

  • Simple ways to protect yourself everywhere and on every device
  • Getting a handle on BYOD at your nonprofit

3. Social media security

  • Organization type- or demographic-specific sessions (social media recommendations for domestic violence organizations, social media safety for youth, etc)
  • Understanding social media privacy policies/terms of use
  • Creating social media policies

4. Privacy

  • Why privacy matters for every individual and every nonprofit
  • Protecting your constituents and supporters (especially for controversial/advocacy orgs)
  • Who knows WHAT about me? Top ways to protect your privacy online

5. Cloud security

  • How much of a concern is security in the cloud?
  • What me, worry?