Social Media Strategy Event Template

Event Overview

  • Audience size: 15 – 50
  • Venue: Office/meeting space, restaurant events room
  • Equipment: Laptop, projector, internet connection.
  • Timeframe: 45 – 90 minutes

There are two approaches you can take:

  1. Series of presenters sharing 10 minute tool demonstrations OR
  2. One hour lecture or workshop with a single presenter

Recruiting Presenters

Reach out to:

  • Past presenters
  • Your members
  • Local consultants
  • Technology experts
  • Nonprofit staffers

Event Description

Sample event description for use on

Event Title

  • 10 Steps to a Successful Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Bootcamp for Nonprofits

Meetup Featured Photo
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Event Description

Curious about social media? Undecided about how or why you might best utilize it in the messaging and overall strategy of your nonprofit? In this presentation, nonprofit professionals will learn how to implement a successful social media strategy in 10 steps.


Which social media sites should you use?
How to manage your social media accounts?
Who should have access to those accounts & who should speak on behalf of your organization.

In this meetup we’ll explore the tools available to help your organization expand in digital world.


We want to help you maximize your charity’s social media presence.
You’ll come away from the event with a range of tools, techniques and strategies you can implement straight away to improve fundraising, campaigns, volunteer recruitment, service delivery and more.

TOOLS COVERED INCLUDE (update this list based on your guest presenters)

  • Canva – Take your graphic design to the next level
  • Slack – Learn how you can transform your charity’s internal comms using this incredible tool
  • Instagram – Dramatically improve your non-profit’s presence on Instagram
  • Twitter – Advanced strategies for Twitter. Get beyond the basics to ensure your Twitter presence is actually helping you achieve your objectives
  • Video Storytelling – Learn a range of techniques to create incredibly simple, highly effective video storytelling content.
  • Animation – Get to grips with cloud-based animation tools to give your social media campaigns the edge. Bring fundraising, annual reports, research, service information and more to life with animation.
  • Facebook Ads – Target and convert like never before. Facebook Ads allow you reach niche audiences quickly and cheaply – bringing you even more donors, supporters, volunteers and service users.

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