Story Makers Tweet Chat

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This full-day tweet chat spanning the globe will be held on October 4 – 5, 2017. Each tweet-chat will cover a different facet of digital storytelling and feature social media experts with nonprofit and library participants.

  • Date: October 5, 2017
  • Schedule: TechSoup partners and NetSquared organizers can sign up to host one hour of a global tweet chat in this Google doc
  • Hashtag: #StoryMakers2017

Want to host a tweet chat session? Contact us at or fill out this form.

What’s a tweet chat?
Tweet chats are real-time discussions on twitter using a shared hashtag. You can check out this list of nonprofit tweet chats. This chat will be modeled on the Storymakers 2016 “Round the World” Twitter chat.

Interested in leading an hour of our upcoming global tweet chat? Please fill out this form. You can view potential times here and pick a time you’d like, using this handy time zone converter to match up the local time you’d like with the correct time in UMT.

Please include your name + email, city, and the topic of your tweet chat.

Suggested Topics

Here are some sample ones you are free to choose from. But don’t feel constrained by these—be creative! Be responsive to your own community’s needs! Pick something that will work for you.

  • What is digital storytelling? And how is it different from non-digital storytelling?
  • What makes a good story?
  • How does mobile storytelling change the landscape of digital storytelling?
  • What is your favorite mobile app for story publishing? PicsArt? Instagram? Periscope?
  • What is the impact of citizen journalism reported by any man on the street with a phone particularly around quality and access?
  • What does storytelling for nonprofits currently look like?
  • What are some brands that are doing digital storytelling right?
  • Who are some nonprofits doing digital storytelling right?
  • Who should you empower at your organization to tell your stories?
  • What are some of your favorite examples of digital storytelling?
  • What sorts of stories should nonprofits tell?

Check out the madness and fun of last April’s global tweet chat on digital storytelling.

Thanks a million. Really looking forward to tweeting around the world with you at #StoryMakers2017

Facilitating a Tweet Chat

This page gives some guidance on how NetSquared and TechSoup typically run our tweet chats.


We will be providing additional supports for tweet chat hosts closer to the event date

Please use the image below to share out via social networks.


  • Leveraging existing communities. Hold your tweet chat in partnership with an existing twitter community who already holds tweet chats.
  • Invite your previous Net2 to participate as experts in your tweet chat
  • Bring your volunteers and co-organizers into the tweet chat