Survey request for NetSquared organizer

Subject: Let’s survey your group together!

Hi [NAME],

I’m asking for your permission to survey the members of your NetSquared group.
I would like to send two invitations via meetup to complete the survey during November/early December. I’ve suggested two dates separated by a week, but please review or give me alternates so that I don’t accidentally step on your event announcements. 🙂

Date 1: Wednesday, November 19
Date 2: Wednesday, November 26

Please get back to me ASAP because I want to start the survey soon! 🙂
Last year we surveyed the NetSquared event attendees in the USA and Canada for the first time. The results were very interesting, so I want to do it again! And this time we’re going global! Over the month of November and early December (traditionally a quiet time for Net2 groups) I will be working with the leaders all 50 NetSquared groups to send a survey to their members. What does it look like? Like this:

NOTE: Please don’t distribute this URL. We will be customizing the survey for each country to reflect the local TechSoup donor partner (if there is one, that is).

Why survey?
We want to learn the following:

  • Profile meetup participants – role, type of org, size of org and level of tech expertise
  • Identify key IT challenges
  • Determine awareness, interest and use of TechSoup services, i.e. what degree of synergy exists between Net2 groups and TechSoup.
  • Determine meetup participation, motivation to join and perceived value

The results will be instructive to TechSoup, who sponsors NetSquared, because it will allow them to get a demographic view of your members and their organizations. The results will also be of value to you as an organizer because it will help you determine the make-up of your community, their tech challenges and their motivations for participation in the group. This will help you plan events that meet your local community’s needs.

Who gets the results?
You do! It’s your group!
I will publish an overview of the results from all groups on the NetSquared blog and will send you the complete results of all respondences from your members.

How and When does the survey go out?
I plan to distribute the survey via two messages to your group’s members. We will send it via I would like to send all surveys during the month of November and early December, but will work with you to identify dates that minimize overlap with any other communications you have planned during the month.
Can my group opt-out of the survey?
Yes, but I hope you won’t. We will be collecting information that will be of value to both you, your group, and the entire NetSquared network.
The full set of questions is here. A sample invite to your members is here.
I bet you have questions! Please give me a shout any time or schedule me for a call at

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