Technology Show and Tell

This is a high-energy crowdsourced event format that’s perfect for when you have a last-minute speaker cancelation.

  • Audience size: 15 – 50
  • Venue: Office/meeting space, restaurant events room
  • Equipment: Laptop and projector
  • Timeframe: 45 – 90 minutes

This is a crowdsourced session. Participants are given up to 5 minutes to share one tool that they use which is valuable to their nonprofit communication/fundraising/community management life. It can be a CRM, communication tool, fundraising platform, some social media magic-sauce or other clever web tool that helped further your mission or cause, or execute your work.

The goal is to learn about other tools and techniques, and connect people that may be using similar solutions to build a network of peer support.


  • Recruit three to five presenters before the event so that you have people to start the event – once your members see how fun and easy sharing a tool can be you’ll be fighting off people
  • Assign one member of the audience to be the time keeper, holding each session to five minutes maximum
  • Distribute index cards and pens to the audience to collect people’s tool or idea and tape them to the wall as each session is delivered
  • Try to “game-ify” the event. Use, which allows people to vote from their phones via message, tweet or Web browser, and show the results real time. Ask people to vote for their favorite tool in real-time and offer the most popular presenter a prize. Gamifies it a bit. Not necessary, but people are motivated by cheesy swag. 🙂

Event Description

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Event Titles

  • Top Digital Tools
  • Technology Show and Tell
  • Speedgeek
  • Online Tools for Charity Speed Dating Night
  • NetSquared Technology Gong Show!

Meetup Featured Photo
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Event Description
At this meetup we’re going to share our top digital tools and lifehacks. What helps you make better use of your time? What’s your latest obsession?
Examples of tools we use are Doodle, Eventbrite and Mailchimp – please suggest others in the comment box!

This event will be crowdsourced! We’ll open up the floor for 5 minutes to anyone who has something to share. Don’t bring a slide deck – just come prepared to share your favorite tools and techniques via a live demo.

This event is designed for experts and newbies alike. It’s your chance to showcase the latest and greatest tools you’re using.

This will also be a great night of networking, connecting and inspiration.

There is a wide range of low-cost or free online tools available to nonprofits today, to help us communicate better with workers, volunteers and stakeholders, and work more efficiently.
We will be demonstrating many of these tools, and sharing tips and scenarios in which you might use them.

This event will be crowdsourced, too. You are invited to tell us which applications you’d recommend and, if you like, demonstrate in five minutes or less how you use the tool (we will provide a laptop and for this purpose).

You’re bound to learn a few things that change the way you work.