Venue Accessibility

When selecting your venue, a major consideration is accessibility for those with challenges to mobility, sight and other abilities.
Please read this amazing blog post from a member of NetSquared Greater Seattle for a reminder why accessibility is important.

NetSquared venues often are donated, so we can’t always get an ideal space that will accommodate everyone, but our event descriptions can be explicit about the level of accessibility our venue offers. This sets expectations and keeps these issues top of mind.

We suggest you use and adapt this boilerplate in your event descriptions.

Template for event Descriptions


Mobility Access: This venue has ramps and elevators.

Hearing Access: Speakers at this event will use microphones.

Sight Access: Contact the organizers if you need an advance copy of the slide deck.

We want everyone to be able to participate in our community and events. Please don’t hesitate to let us know what we can do to accommodate your needs.

Other Tips

  1. Develop an onboarding system to remind speakers that they need to speak loudly.
  2. Remind speakers to repeat questions during the events.
  3. While greeting attendees pre-event, encourage those who are not hard-of-hearing to reserve front-row seats for those who are.

Thanks to Bethany Lister at PDXtech4Good for the template, which is adapted from WisCon’s accessibility info.