2012 Camp

2012 Camp #NetSquaredCamp

FY13 grantees – see here


NetSquared camps 2012 are unconference or hackathon-style events that build on the communities supported by NetSquared Local organizers around the globe.

Regional Gathering Fund

NetSquared camp 2012 is supported via the Regional Gathering Fund, which was a grant open to all NetSquared Local organizers. Grants were offered to NetSquared Local organizers to:

  1. help them hold events that expand the size of their communities and strengthen relationships
  2. promote the launch of the NetSquared platform on July 31, 2012
  3. build connections between local organizers in a shared region by offering them a chance to meet face-to-face

Timeline and organizer requirements

  • Application deadline: Monday, June 24 2012
  • Announcement of recipients: Tuesday, July 3 2012
  • Final event held: October 31, 2012

Requirements before grantee contract is issued

  1. Submit a revised budget that details costs.
  2. Estimate of number of in-person attendees at event (and any virtual attendees if streaming part of the event to another venue).
  3. Event date and location confirmed
  4. Twice-monthly 15-minute meeting scheduled with NetSquared community curator (Eli).
  5. Attendance confirmed at one of twoNetSquared Platform preview webinars
    1. Monday, July 23 9am – 10am (PDT)
    2. Tuesday July 24 3pm – 4pm (PDT)

Note: disbursement of the grant may take up to four weeks, so if you need money up-front for your event let me know so we can get this process moving!

Additional requirements

  1. Holding the gathering between August 1 2012 and October 31, 2012
  2. Branding the event as NetSquared camp and using the logo of SAP, our sponsor, in promotional materials
    1. Creating a Personal page and an Organizer page on the new NetSquared platform
    2. Requiring attendees to register on the new NetSquared platform as part of the event registration process (instructions to be provided by NetSquared staff)
    3. Linking to the camp landing page on the new Netsquared platform during promotion of your event
    4. Encouraging attendees to post information about an innovative project they are pursuing on the NetSquared platform. (More on projects here.)
  3. Hosting one session during the event that enables participants to surface innovative tech-for-good projects in their communities
  4. Blogging at least twice on http://www.NetSquared.org about the event (an announcement and wrap-up post)
  5. Completing a written evaluation after the event to report back key outcomes.

Managing attendance

NetSquared local events are free, but it’s totally cool if you want to charge for admission to a NetSquared camp event.

Why charge?

  • Catering and venue rental may require you know the exact number of participants, and free events tend to have low RSVP to attendance rates. Charging even a small fee gets your audience’s attention!
  • Your venue and catering costs may exceed the Regional Gathering Fund grant and any sponsorship you’ve collected.

If you choose to charge we recommend that you keep the event accessible by allowing either a set number of subsidized tickets or allow low-income folk to volunteer for the event.

Why go free?

  • turning people away sucks!

Ticketing solutions

  • Free events: use your local group’s meetup.com account
  • Paid events: use whatever solution you love best. We recommend Eventbrite.com (hook it up to your paypal account)

Blog posts

Regional Gathering Fund grantees are required to post two blog posts to NetSquared.org/blog

1. Introductory blog post
A quick intro to your event that includes the date, location and a link to your RSVP form.
Unsure of what to write? Check out these two examples from previous events.

2. A wrap-up blog post
What happened? Was it awesome? What were the take-aways?
Include any twitter hashtags, photos, video, slides and other notes.
This is also a good place to put the notes from the project-surfacing session (additional requirement 4 above)

Using the NetSquared platform

One of the goals of the 2012 NetSquared camps and the Regional Gathering Fund is to support the launch of the NetSquared platform. Camp organizers are required to invite event participants to create user accounts on NetSquared.org and to create projects.

Why use the platform?
The platform and the projects will help identify what the community is working on before they arrive at the camp. Organizers (that’s you!) get to identify the skills and needs of the participants and ensure that you connect the right people together at the camp. When attendees register on the platform they can indicate their specific topics of interest, connect with or “friend” fellow attendees online beforehand who share that topical interest and then make plans to meetup at the event, as individuals or interest groups.
The platform is intended to be a great online connection tool that can enhance the offline experience.

See the platform page for templates and workflow suggestions for encouraging the use of the platform.


We encourage you to find cash and in-kind sponsorship for your camp. Use and adapt the sponsorship templates as you see fit.


Regional Gathering Fund recipients should use the following two logos in promotional materials for their event.

NetSquared camps


You can also give SAP some online love via Twitter or Facebook.

Capturing content from events

NetSquared would LOVE to document these events so that we can feature them in our Digital Bites newsletter and blog.

Types of content to be captured:

  • Blog
    • pre/post blogs
  • TechSoup Communications channels
    • By The Cup newsletter
    • Re-posts by Lea’s content team
  • Twitter
    • NetSquared Camps hashtag is [[#|#Net2camp]]
    • Document using Storify or other services
  • Techsoup blog
  • Photos
    • Faces and strong imagery
    • Instagram
    • Animoto video slideshow
  • Video
  • Session notes
    • open up shared google doc and have participants collaborate on notes
    • tweet the URL of the documents. These document templates can be pre-created and the tweets promoting them scheduled using a service like Hootsuite .>> .


Help us make NetSquared Camps a better experience for organizers. Please fill out these two evaluation documents

  • Learning evaluation: Questions in the “internal learning” section are designed to surface insights, feedback and areas of improvement to continue building Camps into a successful program. Please be honest in your responses and share any ideas you have.
    Camp Learning Evaluation 2012.doc
  • Event reporting: what happened at your event? Portions of these will be made public.
    Event Reporting 2012.doc