Ambassador Call June 2014

Final Regional Ambassador call for the FY14 pilot year.

When: Tuesday, July 8. 12:00 PM Pacific time (find your local time with – note that Cameroon is mistakenly one hour ahead)

Where: Google+ hangout



Here’s Eli’s notes on what’s next for the Regional Ambassador pilot

Review of Ambassador experience

  • Time commitment
    • bigger than expected. Fired up after NTC!
      • Not constant, but big flare-ups.
      • As much time as you’re willing to give!
      • over-all might have been 5 hours per month, except for the event months!
    • Flights, reimbursements took time, but needs to stay local
  • Success connecting with co-organizers in region
    • organizers calls work best AFTER face-to-face
      • but required lots of follow-up and arm twisting
      • theme: catch up and swapping of notes – best practices!
      • Net2 Europe call is the next step
        • What brings them to the call? The fact that they received an investment of our time and treasure.
  • Resources allocated
    • Our investment: my time and the trip to NTC for regional gatherings
    • Travel bursaries to go to local groups and have meetings
    • Ambassador slush fund – needed the funds and the permission earlier in the period
    • Swag package for new groups
    • More clarity on onboarding of new groups
      • what does Eli do, vs. the regional ambassador
  • Monthly survey
    • useful as a prompt?
      • the regional activity question should be dropped
      • generally in favour monthly.
      • Add a “what you said last month” to bottom

Regional Gatherings

  • Process tweaks (finances, support documents, expectations, etc.)
  • A lot of work – how to make this sustainable?
  • What were the intention of the gathering?
    • Maria: spread the Tech for Good story to Latin America
    • Mel: the intended outcomes were loose.
      • Getting everyone together and reminding us of our shared connection, that this can be fun, that it’s flexible and approachable.
      • What topics do you bring into events?
      • Co-organizer – how does this work?
      • Get people to DO together and enjoy each other’s company
    • Stephen: Gold Coast gathering
      • people need to know each other enough to get to touch and support each other’s work.
      • So much of the magic happened over the next few days at the conference
      • Group dinner to show people what Net2 is about by DOING

Nonprofit Tech Conference

  • in Austin in 2015
  • still inaccessible for some organizers (ie. Africa)
  • very expensive – how to keep costs under control?
  • Talking to NTEN about holding joint Net2/501 Tech Club training the day before the conference

Recruiting new organizers

  • Challenges
    • identifying the right person
      • someone who wants to be CONNECTED
        • expectation of infrastructure to be a co-organizer
        • what does internet cost per month?
          • $50 / month or US$600/year
            • How to pay for this? Can other TSG departments participate or contribute?
      • have an NGO – they have infrastructure
    • training people and getting them to understand WHAT exactly NetSquared is
      • only then does Excel pass them to Eli
  • what worked?
    • regular conversations
      • ie. Excel participated in Benin conversation by Skype
    • People need a lot of training about the power of the internet to open new doors
      • post-meetup support and conversation is needed about how to keep people connected to ideas
        • direct one-on-one support is best! But this is too big an ask for volunteers
        • informal and casual support
  • What else do you need?

Supporting current organizers

  • what worked?
  • What else do you need for support?

What worked well?

  • item goes here

What needs improvement?

  • item goes here
  • what should be the term of Ambassadors?
    • 2 years is okay with me, with option to leave after 1 year
  • Should start/end time match the TechSoup fiscal year? (Starts July 1) or is there a better time?
    • not being is sync is tricky, but not impossible.

Recruiting NEW Ambassadors

  • How many more can we bring in?
  • What should be the target areas?
  • What are the criteria for selection?


  • How do you as alumni anticipate wanting to stay involved?

Things to be done for FY15

  • document best practices for regional gathering skill shares
  • will sponsor more regional gatherings in areas without Net2 organizers
    • will circulate RFP in July.
  • September “Story Makers” theme month
    • how to support Regional Ambassadors involvement?

Video Recording of Conversation