Camps Content Planning

You will most likely create quite a bit of content before your Camp event takes place: whether it’s promoting the event, finding speakers, sharing updates, thanking sponsors, and so on. You’ll also have a lot of content created at the event and afterward by your participants and speakers. It’s good to have in place all the information about content creation and sharing before you dive in so that you can share with your organizers, share with participants, and share with the world so they can follow along!

Decide which platforms you will use and promote to participants. Consider all the various forms of media people may want to create, as well as a place that can pull various media forms together.

YouTube and Vimeo are the most popular for short videos. You can use the #netsquared tag.

Flickr, and increasingly Facebook, are most popular for photos. You can add photos to the NetSquared group on Flickr, or to the NetSquared group or page on Facebook.

You may already have your own twitter account for your Net2 Local group and that is a great space for updates and live-tweets from the event. You should also select a hashtag that participants can use to tweet from the event. You can use @NetSquared in your tweets and the Net2 team can retweet and help you promote the event.

If your Local group already has a wiki or a blog for the group, you will probably want to use that to encourage people to post their take-aways and notes, pull in resources, post or embed videos and photos, etc. We also encourage you to use the NetSquared Community Blog for your promotional posts before the event and then for participants and organizers to post to during/after the event.

Hashtags are a great way to treat all content equally. If you select a hashtag like #net2campPDX for example, participants can follow that tag on Twitter, use it on youtube or flickr, and even use it on their own blogs or websites so that you can pull all content from your event together.

If you receive any press coverage, you will want to share that back on your blog or wiki, and let us know so that we can promote it as well on your Camp page on the Net2 site.