Camps Editorials

Local Camps are a shared production between the global NetSquared organization and local partners and organizers. As such, the below guidelines outline the rights and responsibilities for both parties around editorial procedure and content.

Editorial Rights and Review Process:

NetSquared provides templated content for organizers to insert event details and reuse in promotion and distribution. NetSquared will also provide “About” and “Learn More” content to be included in original blog posts or other materials created by the organizer/s. Lastly, content created by the local organizer/s should be cleared with NetSquared staff for topic and direction (not copy editing) prior to posting.

Links or copies of distributed content should be sent to NetSquared for the purposes of record keeping and cross-promotion.

Intellectual Property:

NetSquared retains the rights to content created by the team, even when shared, distributed or incorporated into content created, reused or distributed by the local organizer/s. NetSquared also retains the rights to the process and concept of Local Camps and Local Challenges. Unique nuances to the process or implementation of a Local Camp or Local Challenge are shared intellectual property between the NetSquared team and the local organizer/s.