Camps Event Evaluations

There are a few evaluations that should be completed post-event, regardless of whether you are holding a Camp or Campfire event. Below, find details about local, internal, and external evaluations.

Local Event Evaluations

We recommend that you share evaluations with participants at your Camp or Campfire event. You can do this in various ways, and encourage you to select the reporting methods that best match the technical access and proficiency of your community, including: online survey (via or other free tools), paper/printed survey; mobile survey; or other methods your community is most comfortable with.

Questions to include in this survey will vary by the type of event, and content of the event. You can use the questions below as they are, or for inspiration:

  • What was most useful to you about this event?
  • What would you like to be included next time?
  • What speakers/presentations/workshops were most valuable to you?
  • What needs do you or your organization have around technology, social media, or technical help?
  • Which tools did you use to share content about this event, please also provide links if available
  • How would you like to stay in contact or learn more after the event?

NetSquared Evaluations

We have two post-event evaluations for organizers: one focuses on learning from the pilot and improving the Camps program.

  • Pilot Learning Evaluation: Questions in the “internal learning” section are designed to surface insights, feedback and areas of improvement to continue building Camps into a successful program. Please be honest in your responses and share any ideas you have.
  • Event Reporting: On the NetSquared blog, we’ve shared information about the Camps pilot from the launch and promotions of specific events; we’ve also shared weekly posts from the NetSquared team’s perspective with lessons learned and open questions. We also want to share back to the community with as much detail, links, and stories as possible after your event. Please note that this portion of the report will be made public.