Camps Example Intention Post

In Week 1 of the 8-week Planning Guide, we ask that all participating Camps organizers post to the NetSquared Community Blog. This post is intended as an introduction to you and your group, and a statement of intent about participating in the Camps pilot. You are not expected to have all the details of your event, as this is just the beginning of the planning process.

The key attributes for your post include:

  • introduce yourself
  • introduce your group/community
  • why you are participating in the Camp pilot
  • any details you already have (including date or estimate date, location or venue. etc)

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Below is an example post written from the perspective of a Camp taking place in London.

Example Post

Title: NetSquared Camps coming to London

Tags: NetSquared, Camps, London, social innovation, entrepreneurship, events, conference


Hi! My name is Amy Sample Ward and I’m the NetSquared organizer here in London, England, and I’m going to be hosting a NetSquared Camp!

I’ve had the great pleasure of organizing the local NetSquared group here for a year and a half and previously organized a group in Portland, Oregon, USA. London is an enormous city filled with incredibly diverse communities, organizations, campaigns and issues. Organizing the group has helped me to meet people from a wide range of activities and sectors, but also allowed me to put diverse speakers and topics back in front of the community at the monthly events. The usual crowd includes people from charities and community organizations, techies (consultants, programmers, designers etc.), government folks from local and national offices, as well as people who don’t directly work with technology and social impact in their “day jobs” but are interested in using their spare time to make a difference and learn more.

I’m really excited to be participating in the Camps pilot because I think my local group will really benefit from having an opportunity to connect in a more valuable way as the Camp will be larger, involve more groups, and have more time than the standard monthly events. I think it will also create a great opportunity to convene and collaborate with those interested in technology and social impact in and around London that aren’t already part of the group.

We are still working on selecting a date but know the event will be this June, 2010. We are investigating venues in and around down town, close to public transport and rail stations. The focus of the day-long event will be on projects, both new and already started, and provide a space for people to learn and exchange and collaborate. More details will be shared on the NetSquared site and the NetSquared London group as they develop.