Camps Features and Benefits

Why host a NetSquared Camp in your area? What are the benefits for you as an organizer and for your community at large? Find out the answers below.

Camp Features

What is it “like” to have a NetSquared Camp in your area? Well, like the rest of the Community-focused work of NetSquared, we trust local organizers to know what the community is interested in more than we could. We try to create a flexible and successful framework that allows for local customization.

In general, Local Camps bring together a competition or Challenge with a platform for members of the community that are interested in using technology for social impact to identify promising projects, move ideas forward, share and learn together. Camps may feature elements of a standard conference: speakers, scheduled sessions or talks, and so on; while also featuring elements of an “unconference” or presentations and discussions that are formed in real-time at the event.

Camp Benefits

As you probably have already seen from the work as a local organizer coordinating monthly events around social technology for social impact, the benefits of organizing locally are many – and extend beyond benefits to the organizer or organizing team out to the entire community. Benefits of Local Camps, in general, include:

Benefits for the organizer or organizing team:

  • Larger and targeted network
  • Opportunities to engage with new companies, organizations, and individuals as a leader and collaborator
  • Opportunities to provide space, visibility and possibly funding for the tech and innovation sector in your community
  • Gain experience in event planning and coordination
  • Forge relationships with local vendors, venues and groups
  • Make new friends and catalyze your community around social impact and technology

Benefits for the Local Group and the community at large:

  • Local ideas find local partners, contributors, funders
  • Local community can network with the larger NetSquared global community
  • Community building opportunity to network those from the nonprofit, technology, development and community impact sectors
  • Opportunity to showcase talent and projects from community to the region/world