Camps Outreach

Defining rules, guidelines re Outreach so that Organizers know how to access Net2/TSG for Outreach support, etc.

Outreach from NetSquared:

The NetSquared team will cross-promote your event on the NetSquared website and our other outlets (including Net2 News, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn). NetSquared can also provide ideas and planning support for recommendations on event outreach, outlets, and social media tactics.

Key people and resources involved in outreach and resources for outreach:

  • NetSquared Local team
  • Online Community team
  • NetSquared organizer Google Group
  • NetSquared Community blog

Outreach from local organizer/s:

Local organizers or organizer teams are responsible for promoting the event to local/appropriate partners, groups, listservs or other outlets. Organizers are also invited to post updates and other materials on the NetSquared Community blog (for more information on how to post to the NetSquared site, visit:

For ideas on where to promote your group, visit the page on this wiki titled Audience.