Camps Purpose and Principles


Extend the reach and impact of NetSquared methodology by making NetSquared event learnings/assets shareable so that leaders can self-organize to build upon what we’ve learned and host ‘Camps’ in their own communities.


The NetSquared Camp format is designed to extend to cities on every continent around the globe, providing nonprofits/ngo’s, developers, designers, entrepreneurs with a place to (a) demonstrate projects (b) build stuff together (c) find sustainable collaborations and (d) forge long-lasting relationships.

What does success look like?

People meet up, share knowledge, start collaborations, launch new projects, find funding. Specifically, we’d like to see these outcomes in 2012:

  • At least five regional events
  • people are encouraged to create accounts in the platform and use it to connect with regional and international resources
  • NetSquared Local organizers are brought together for face-to-face meetings

Guiding Principles

  1. We’re working to make it easy for people to build on the Net2 Conferfence model by providing Organizers with a format that is friendly to both community veterans and new-blood interested in getting more involved with tech4social change projects/work.
  2. We’re committed to providing a framework that helps our Organizers demonstrate excellence
  3. We’re interested in seeing local people address local problems with local solutions
  4. We want to help accelerate making new ideas come to life by facilitating connections, tools, funding.
  5. We’re encouraging local creativity to extend the Net2 community in ways we haven’t imagined yet
  6. Our role is to provide Camp Organizers with a framework of support that includes protocols, tools, support and access they need to create successful Camps everywhere.