Camps Sponsorship Kit

From Week #3 of the 8-Week Planning Guide Resources, this Sponsorship Kit is essentially a designed template for organizers to edit and reuse in proposing sponsorship opportunities to local funders, businesses, companies or groups.

If you have questions or require assistance modifying the templates to meet your needs, contact Eli or Marc.

Camps Sponsorship Overview
The call recording will be uploaded here as well. This slidedeck is from the May 25, 2010, conference call with Camps organizers and Gayle Carpentier, TSG.
Net2 Camps Introduction Document.pdf

Here is the audio recording of the call:
Camps Sponsorship Introduction call May 2010.mp3

Camp Overview and Sponsor Grid
Form you will edit to create a sponsorship package for your Camp event.
Net2 Camp Overview and Sponsor Grid.doc

Sponsor Agreement Template
Your basic legal agreement for cash or in-kind support.
Sponsor Agreement Net2 Camp.doc

Sponsor Invoice Template
Invoices for your to customize for billing or getting payments from Sponsors for your Camp event.
Invoice Net2 Camp.doc

Global Sponsorship Materials
All logos and information about NetSquared Camps Global Partners will be posted on the Camps pilot page and Camp organizers are authorized to repurpose logos on local Camp sponsorship materials and requests, and promotional communications. When and as available, information is at: