Camps Venues & Food

Here are helpful guidelines and suggestions for planning and managing the venue, food and drink for your Camp.


When booking a venue, you’ll want to consider:

  • capacity: most Camps will require a venue that can hold up to 100 people
  • power: this is, after all, a technology event so having enough power outlets in the room to keep people charged all day is important
  • price: Camps provide a great opportunity for local and national organizations/companies to get visibility and also get involved—if at all possible, we encourage you to find a venue that will donate the space or one that has a price sponsorship funds can cover
  • location: the purpose of Local Camps is that the global community can come together locally, so take care to find a venue that is in a central or easily-accessed area, close to public transport, and accessible to all physical mobility restrictions

Food / Drink

When ordering food and drink for your event, consider:

  • donations: an event is a great opportunity for local bakeries, caterers, restaurants, and even grocery stores to donate goods in return for visibility
  • time: what time of day does your event take place? if you are starting at 8 am, you’ll probably want to provide breakfast items, but if you aren’t starting until 10 then breakfast can be assumed to be had prior; and so on.
  • venue: does the venue require that you use their catering? does it limit what types of food or drink can be consumed on the premises? be sure to ask first before getting donations or placing orders