Co-organizer recruitment email

This template can be used to recruit new co-organizers. You can send it via your own email or on

SUBJECT: Seeking new co-organizers

Hi Changemakers,

Are you passionate about promoting the use of technology for good? Then join me as a co-organizer at GROUP NAME.

NetSquared Local groups offer a space for anyone interested in technology and social impact to connect. They provide members an opportunity to convene locally to share ideas, learn from one another, and collaborate on projects for real world impact.

Local organizers are volunteers who are passionate about promoting the use of technology for good. They are highly diverse in age, background, experience and knowledge.

NetSquared Local organizers are passionate community-minded volunteers who believe that change is accelerated when social benefit organizations leverage the tools of technology and the social web. They understand the power of bringing people together face-to-face and are especially interested in connecting social benefit and technology innovators.

Does that sound like you? Join me as a NetSquared Local organizer.


Nothing is going to be better for your reputation than being a NetSquared Local organizer because you become a vital connector for the social benefit and technology communities. Being an organizer is a highly skilled and self-directed volunteer job that enables you to build your skills through the support of a network of similarly-minded community-oriented organizers.

NetSquared Local organizers often see these benefits emerge:

  • Speaking requests (You’ll establish yourself as an expert in your sector.)
  • Job offers (NetSquared Local is all about networking.)
  • Friendships and mentorships (NetSquared is a magnet for your kind of people.)

Organizers have access to the following resources:

  • A free subscription to
  • A group page on the platform and preferred posting privileges on our blog
  • Support of the NetSquared Local Community Curator
  • Connections to other organizers around the world through direct referrals and regularly scheduled online hangouts
  • Membership in a private email list of local organizers who are able to provide support
  • Access to the Organizer’s Handbook, which offers templates for events and tips for success
  • Support for holding local or regional camps

What are the expectations of organizers?

  • NetSquared Local organizers commit to the following:
  • Holding a monthly meeting that is free-of-charge and open to all interested members of the public
  • Reporting back to NetSquared on a regular basis with the number of participants and the topics discussed
  • Events should be focused on topics at the intersection of technology and social change
  • Organizers share the values outlined in the organizer contract

If you are interested in stepping up to help lead our group, please let me know! I’m happy to connect you with the NetSquared team and we can be sure you have everything you need to move the group forward.

Looking forward to hearing from you,