Collaborations and Partnerships

There are many opportunities to collaborate on one-time events as well as build long-term relationships with other organizations, community groups, and campaigns.

  • Recruit a high-profile speaker who will bring their own community with them!
  • 501 Tech Club – NTEN
    • Many groups that have combined forces from both the NetSquared and NTEN networks go by the name “Tech4Good”. NTEN is happy to support any group looking to create consistent opportunities for local offline meetings of people interested in nonprofit technology and social impact. Some groups hold monthly happy hours with networking and introductions, others have large presentations and speakers, and others do a mix of both. NTEN local groups are encouraged to use whichever platforms they like, but are provided a group profile on the NTEN community platform. Many Tech4Good groups, for example, use both the NTEN platform and Meetup, as well as Facebook or Twitter. You can see the participating cities or learn more about NTEN’s Tech Clubs at:
  • TechSoup Global Network
  • Your sponsors (and potential sponsors)
  • – there are lots of technology groups on meetup who might be interested in holding an event with you. Check out the WordPress, Drupal, CRM, social entrepreneurs, etc.
  • Association of Fundraising Professionals local chapter
  • User groups: Convio, Blackbaud & Raiser’s Edge, Salesforce, etc.
  • Twitter community

Unexpected partners