Data (and Open Data)

Data is the big sexy topic in the tech4Good world these days. Let’s get in on that action!

When: February 2014

I am proposing that our February 2015 theme month focus on data, and open data in particular. We can leverage the energy of the international Open Data Day hackathons being held on February 21, 2015.


Click here for the full list of NetSquared-affiliated or partnered events.

Who Could You Partner With?

So, you need to find a presenter? There’s lots of groups out there who are already working in the open data space. Let’s tap them to be presenters and panelists.
Some example organizations include:

Another good trick is to go to and search for “data” groups in your area. Sample search.These meetup organizers will probably be keen to co-present an event or speak to your group. There’s lots more groups out there. Who should we add to the list?

What topics would work?

NetSquared groups have held lots of data-themed events over the years. I suggest you steal your favorite! Here’s some examples:

Additional Resources