Documenting your Social Media Surgery

Video Testimonials

You can create short video testimonials from your surgeons and patients

What should you ask?

It’s easier to capture videos is you’re got a short, easy-to-answer questions prepared.
Be sure to have people introduce themselves. A good format is to coach people to start with the phrase “Hi, I’m [NAME] and today I learned…”
Check out these examples from Vancouver’s Net2Camp 2013.

How you should capture the video?
These can be very informal videos.

All you need to do is:

  1. Find a quiet corner
  2. use any video camera (cell phone, tablet computer, laptop with webcam, etc.)
  3. Upload to your Youtube or Vine or Instagram (or any other video account) and tag the video with the hashtag #Net2
  4. Share the videos with the world (or at least the NetSquared Community Manager!)