Facilitating a Tweet Chat

This guide draws from the #Commbuild Tweet Chat’s facilitator guide.

Facilitating the Chat

Our tweet chat’s usually focus on a single theme with several pre-prepared questions introduced by the facilitator. The facilitator also introduces follow-up questions during the tweet chat.

1. Introduction

Introduce yourself and the chat at the beginning, and ask people to introduce themselves. Example tweets:

Welcome to #Storymakers2014 chat! Today’s topic is . Let’s start by quickly introducing ourselves.

I’m YOUR NAME HERE, aka @YourTwitterHandle, your facilitator for today’s chat. #Storymakers2014

2. Questions

We suggest having around 10 questions or conversation starters lined up on your topic. We usually get through six or seven.

Use the format Q1, Q2, Q3 to alert readers of questions, and A1, A2, A3 to alert readers of responses. You may also want to inform the participants of this format. Example tweet:

For our #storymakers2014 chat, we’ll be using Q/A format – I post questions prefaced by Q1, Q2, etc. You respond by using A1, A2, etc. Thanks!

TIP: remind people about the Q and A format by reposting the instructions midway through the chat.

3. Wrap-Up

Thank people for attending and if another chat is coming soon promote the next event.

Thanks for participating today! Stay connected via #storymakers2014 and @TechSoup

Want more tips on facilitating a chat? Check out __Beth Kanter’s thread in the Commbuild group__.


  • Include the chat’s hashtag at the end of each question.
  • Remind people about the Q and A format by reposting the instructions midway through the chat.
  • Be sure to model the Q/A – people will follow-along!
  • Storify is a great tool for summarizing your tweet chat.
  • Invite your friends, family and community to participate in your tweet chat
  • Don’t be afraid to use ringers! Invite a few people in who are prepared to answer some of your questions! You can even give them the questions ahead of time! 🙂