Formats & Topics

Selecting the topics for your events is one your key roles as organizer. You know your community best, so we leave it to you to select the topics that will serve your members. For tips on event checklists and typical event flows check out the Running an Event section.

Suggested Topics: January – June 2018

Not sure what topic to start with? Join other groups by following our calendar of theme months.
Following this schedule will make hosting your meetup easier because we will share event recipes for each month and TechSoup will publish supporting blog posts and webinars that you can share with your members.

Event Templates and Topics

Looking for topic ideas? I suggest you steal/be inspired by this list of upcoming NetSquared events or check out the 10 most popular topics from our participant survey.

First Event and Introduction to NetSquared and TechSoup

Coming 2018. In the meantime use the standard event introduction slides.
Introduction to TechSoup, NetSquared’s parent nonprofit. What is TechSoup and how can they save nonprofits money?
Sample slides, videos and notes.

Google AdWords

Help local nonprofits are charities make use of Google’s $10,000/per month Google AdWords grant. It’s available in 48+ countries, but most organizations aren’t making use of this free marketing tool. Learn how to plan a Google AdWords Workshop.

Facebook Live Video

Tips on using your phone and Facebook to livestream events and stewarding your community with video feeds.

Social Media Surgery

A social media surgery is an informal gathering of people who want to learn how to use the web to communicate, campaign or collaborate.
The Social Media Surgery site has a checklist for new organizers.

Get More out of Excel: Tips & Tricks

Don’t know a filter from a formula? This Microsoft Excel workshop will orient you to Excel’s features and familiarize you with some basic tasks so that you can work more effectively.

Microsoft Cloud Services: Tools for the Modern Nonprofit

Collaborate, communicate, and stay on budget with donated and discounted cloud services from Microsoft. Here are three ways you can host a workshop in your community.
Learn how to plan a Microsoft Cloud Services workshop.

Technology Show and Tell: Share a Tool

A crowdsourced event where participants are given up to 5 minutes to share one tool that they use which is valuable to their nonprofit communication/fundraising/community management life. Learn more in the Technology Show and Tell section.

Summer Social or Winter Holiday Party

Hold an informal summer social in a pub or picnic. Or host a holiday party for the #tech4good community.

Sharing Economy

A panel discussion with local sharing economy organizations on how nonprofits are using technology to utilize resources more efficiently.

Online Privacy and Security

Practical tips that you can share to keep yourself and your members safe. Includes printable guide in English, Spanish and French. Learn more in the Safer Internet section.

Data/Open Data

Partner with a local data-focused group (there are lots out there!) on an event focused on how data can be used by nonprofits. We offer some suggestions for potential partners and topics in the data section.

Hackathon Idea Generator (Bubblr)

A Bubblr is a facilitated group session designed to surface (bubble up) moments where technology can be helpful. We call those moments “opportunities for technology interventions.” These ideas can be used to seed hackathon projects and can be facilitated without any training or extensive preparation. Learn more in the Bubblr section.

Digital Storytelling Workshop or Panel

Teach your members how to use digital storytelling tools to advance their mission.
We provide a few suggested formats and a guidebook.

Crowdsourcing Change

Interactive brainstorm session for how one specific nonprofit can take their tech strategy and online communication efforts to the next level.
Learn more in the Crowdsourcing Change section.

Reclaim your Domain

Hands-on workshop guiding local nonprofits through the process of buying their own domain and setting up email and a blog on their custom domain. Don’t let your local nonprofits get trapped with a gmail or hotmail address! Learn more.

Meetup Template Feature

As of December 2017 this feature isn’t available because of the meetup re-design, but may return later.
You can copy many of these event descriptions into your meetup from the Choose Your Template feature.