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Welcome to the Community Organizers Handbook!

In this space you’ll find pages that cover all aspects of local community organizing. Pages include overviews, programmatic details related to NetSquared Local, case studies from organizers in the field, and available resources to help you be successful.
This wiki is created specifically for the NetSquared organizers, but we hope it can be valuable for anyone looking for a guide to local organizing.

All of the content here is open to the public – anyone can read, share and edit!

If you want to join the NetSquared network, we’d love to hear from you.

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What is NetSquared?

NetSquared is a volunteer-led project of TechSoup that connects the nonprofit and technology communities. Our goal is to create strong, self-sufficient communities of practice where people can come together to share ideas, ask questions, and collaborate around using technology for social benefit.
More at http://www.NetSquared.org/localOur meetups are:

  1. Recurring (monthly ideally)
  2. Face-to-face
  3. Serve the nonprofit and social benefit community by increasing their tech skills or building a community of practice where civil society can come for mutual support and advice.
  4. Accessible (free or low cost)

Want to learn more? Check out these pages:

How Do I Become a NetSquared Organizer?

Becoming a NetSquared organizer is easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Apply online
  2. Schedule a meeting with the Community Manager
  3. Plan your first meeting using the quickstart 1-pager


The projects we’re focusing on during this year

Regional Ambassadors Project

Veteran Net2 organizers serve as regional mentors to other Net2 organizers.
Learn more in the Regional Ambassadors section.

Theme Months

NetSquared holds theme months several times a year. We invite NetSquared organizers to participate and we provide support toolkits.
See the monthly campaign breakdown for FY17.

Key NetSquared Links:


A collection of our boilerplate emails, key documents and rules governance