Hosting Your Event

Hosting Your Event #volunteer #role

You’re probably going to be the MC / Host for your events. You’ll do great!

Unsure of where to start? Use these bullet points to guide your hosting.

  • Welcome! I am YOUR NAME HERE and I’m the YOUR ROLE. Last month we had TOPIC. Next month we’ll have TOPIC. But tonight we’ve got TOPIC, and it’s going to be awesome because of this WHY EVENT WILL RULE.
  • wifi p/w on slide behind me.
  • Remind people of washroom location(s)
  • Tweet from your phone if you like! hashtag (#net2) and twitter handle.
  • We’re taking photos at the event tonight, we post them on Facebook and Identify photographer: tell her/him at some point in the night that you don’t want your photo taken, and consider sitting in a less photographed area: identify ‘safe to sit’ area–at the back or super side?
  • call for recommendations for topics: tweet them, email them, refer speakers?
  • sponsor recognition
    • TechSoup’s latest sponsorship slides are updated monthly and available in .ppt format
    • Acknowledge the venue (especially if donated)
  • Promote Needs Parade
  • Ground Rules
  • Introduce speaker / panelists
  • Thank speaker / panelists
  • Next event promos
  • Thank volunteers
  • Post-event social (if you’re having one)

A huge thanks to NetSquared Victoria co-organizer Dan Pollock for sharing his volunteer role descriptions and inspiring the creation of this section.