Finding a good venue is the main challenge for new NetSquared organizers.

The location you choose depends on your event format and how many people participate.

  • Small, informal meetups are a good fit for public places like restaurants, cafĂ©s, or public parks.
  • Bigger events will need a place that has a space large enough for people to mingle and mix and/or is appropriate for a formal presentation.

Venue Considerations

Here are some points to keep in mind as you look for your venue:

  • Lively neighborhood: a place people will want to go
  • Easily accessible: keep in mind parking and public transportation as well as disabled access
  • Internet access: make sure the space has WiFi access or another form of Internet access if the presenters or attendees will require it
  • Is the venue free? TechSoup/NetSquared are not able to provide funds to cover venue rentals.
  • Is the venue available every month? Consistent venues are easier to manage.
  • When is the venue available? Do you want to hold your events during the day or evening? Weekdays of weekends?
  • What equipment is available? Tables, chairs, projectors, wifi, PA… what’s required?

How to Find Your Venue

  • What relationships can you draw on? Co-workers, friends and clients may have venues available.
  • Call for recommendations via social media outlets.
  • Does your speaker or sponsor want to host the event?
  • What venues are other meetups using? Search for the largest local meetup groups and steal their venue ideas!

Venue Options

Places to consider for your event may include:

  • WeWork coworking spaces (they own meetup.com)
    • Eli has a relationship and can provide an introduction to your location
  • Spaces coworking network
  • Impact Hubs
  • Community or neighborhood center
  • Library or school
  • Coworking space
  • Bar or restaurant with private room/area
  • Hotel function room
  • Conference center
  • Nonprofit organization’s meeting room or board room
  • Museum or performing arts space
  • Artist or arts space
  • Business meeting space
  • Places that host other technology meetups.