Monthly Events

Events can be one-time only, or could be regularly scheduled. NetSquared’s events take place monthly. If your events take place monthly, we recommend that you be consistent with the scheduling, for example: “We meet the first Tuesday of the month,” so that group members can more easily block out time for the event each month.

For more information about and case studies from specific aspects of planning and running monthly events, use the links below:

  • Formats & Topics – What should we talk about? How should we talk about it?
  • Speakers – How do I find and support speakers/facilitators for our events?
  • Running an Event – What happens at the event? What’s the timeline of events?
  • Livestreaming Events – How can we share our event with a larger audience using the internet?
  • Follow up – What happens after the event ends? How do I promote what happened at the event?