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Tag tags: Name Tag, Ice Breaker and Survey All-In-One

Name badges are remarkable inventions. They save us from the social awkwardness of forgotten names! Name badges can also help make our events more social by serving as ice breakers. Check out our template for a combination name tag and participant survey that will make holding events and collecting feedback much easier.

Name badge on front
Name badge on front

Philadelphia’s longtime organizer Seth Horwitz uses “Tag tags” at his events, where they serve three purposes:

  1. Standard badge with name and affiliation.
  2. Ice breaker question that can be edited.
  3. Event survey on the back of the badge with room for additional info like twitter handles, audience questions or a wifi password.

The key part is to customize the ice breaker for each event. This might be a question related to the event topic, e.g., a volunteer database panel would have a question like “what is your most awesome volunteer gig?”. OR it might be totally unrelated, e.g., “What activity are you looking forward to this winter?” As an icebreaker, its main purpose is to lower the barrier to meeting other people, so it should be something everybody can relate to, and won’t take a lot of thinking to fill out. (“Who is your favorite post-modern European artist?” would probably be a bad idea in most circles.)

Bonus: you’ll get way more responses if you survey at your meetup, rather than afterwards.

What you need:

  1. Lanyards with a clip that attaches to a piece of paper.
  2. A double-sided printer.
  3. Scissors or a paper cutter.
  4. Our fancy template.

How to use the name tag/survey sheet

  1. Customize the name tag with a question related to the event’s topic.
  2. Edit the questions to fit your needs.
  3. Hand out the name tag sheet and lanyard at the beginning of the event with instructions to fill it out and ask other attendees about their response.
  4. Remind the attendees to fill out the survey.
  5. Collect the survey on the back of the name tag and the lanyard as people exit. Assign a volunteer to help!
  6. Review the responses and keep making your events more awesome.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.


  1. Spread people out! Attendees will need more time to fill out the tag tags, so create a space away from the registration desk where people will have the room and time to fill out the tag.
  2. Bring backup badges! Bring some basic name tags or stickers to use in case you run out of lanyards or tag tags.

Survey on back
Survey on back

A huge thanks to Seth Horwitz and the PDXTech4Good team for introducing us to Tag tags.

Example Community Survey

Help us make our group even better!
Please return this sheet with your lanyard before leaving.

This event:
[ ] Exceeded my expectations
[ ] Met my expectations
[ ] Nearly met my expectations
[ ] Did not meet my expectations

Topic(s): Thumbs up/thumbs down Speaker(s): Thumbs up/thumbs down Venue: Thumbs up/thumbs down

What could we do better?

What do YOU want to learn at future events?

Are you interested in presenting?
[ ] No [ ] Yes [ ] Yes, if I had help/support
If yes, contact info: “

How did you hear about this event? (Check all that apply)

[ ] Meetup [ ] Twitter [ ] Facebook [ ] Email
[ ] Other: `_`

Any additional comments: