Needs Parade – Community Calendar

People love to talk about themselves, so give ’em the chance! The Needs Parade / Community Calendar is a quick and fun way for your members to showcase themselves, their needs and their work in less than 1 minute each. This is a good time to ask for co-organizers or volunteers!

You can also use this time to get testimonials from your members.

What it Looks Like

1. Before presentation

  • announce that you’ll be giving everyone 30 seconds to share a need, event, job listing, volunteer posting, or other announcement

2. After presentation

  • Inform attendees that you’re beginning the Needs Parade
  • Key points
    • How long they get to speak (30 seconds to 1 minute)
    • Can share anything they need or want to announce, including: events, job postings, project collaborators, volunteer positions, campaign launches, etc.
  • The host should go first to model the format – this is your chance to ask for co-organizers, event producers, or volunteers

Sample Script

Beginning of event
I know that you’re doing amazing things – and this is your chance to prove it! We’ll be giving you 30 seconds to show off, share a volunteer posting, search for a collaborator, or announce your latest event after our presentation today.

End of event
And now it’s time for the needs parade. Please start to line-up and we’ll begin in just a moment.
Remember, you only get 30 seconds, so keep it brief. I’ll be here with a stopwatch playing the heavy. 🙂 Got something cool going on or something your need? Now’s your chance to share it! It could be a volunteer posting, an event announcement, a piece of hot gossip… so don’t be afraid to share!

I’ll go first. Our NetSquared group is looking for a photographer to document our events…..


  • Keep things moving quickly. We suggest a minimum of 30 seconds and a maximum of 1 minute for each person.
  • Don’t be afraid to be strict with your timer. Assign someone to police the time.

Needs parade breakdown.jpg