Net2 Participant Survey FY14 Questions

We have surveyed visitors to the NetSquared website and NetSquared organizers, but to-date we haven’t surveyed the 17,000 members on who participate in NetSquared events. Let’s change that!


  1. Profile meetup participants – role, type of org, size of org and level of tech expertise
  2. Identify key and most urgent IT challenges
  3. Determine awareness, interest and use of TechSoup services, i.e. what degree of synergy exists between meetups and TS.
  4. Determine meetup participation, motivation to join and perceived value

Survey Questions

This word document contains all the questions and answers. Ignore that test data!
Net2Local participant Survey November 2013 questions.docx

Survey Variants

The survey will be sent to both groups in the USA and internationally. Each city will get a unique collector link so that results can be segmented some countries will get their own unique versions of the survey.
This spreadsheet documents the unique links.

Survey flow

The survey branches depending on whether the respondent is a charity/NGO/organization.


Q: Why aren’t you asking for group name?
A: I’ll be setting a separate collector link for each group we share the survey out with. This will allow us to segment results

Q: How will the survey be distributed?
A: The survey will be distributed via a message sent via to US-based groups

Q: Why aren’t international groups included?
A: Many of the responses are only of interest to TechSoup right now. We don’t yet have a plan for email sharing with TSGN partners. We will consider sending a modified survey to international groups following the competition of the first round of the survey.

Q: Who gets to see the results?
A: Summarized answers will be posted on the NetSquared blog and each NetSquared organizer can see the complete results for their city

Q: Can I add another question to the survey?
A: No! It’s big enough already! 🙂