Net2Local Ambassadors Call Notes December 2013

Chat transcript:

Thanks for joining us for the second NetSquared Ambassador call!


  • Eli
  • Joyce
  • Mel
  • Maria
  • Stephen

Excel was sick and sends his condolences.

There agenda was broken into three sections:

Outreach Update

We discussed our first two months of outreach to our teams, including what is working and what is challenging.

Need: better explanation of NetSquared
Proposed that two videos be created.

  1. For potential attendees, explaining why they should attend events
  2. For potential organizers, explaining the role and why it’s super awesome.

Material for videos could include interviews with organizers. Possible questions include:

  • why are you an organizer?
  • What change do you want to see in the world?
  • What change has happened already through your organizing/how is the world better/what has it contributed to the community?

Other items:

  • cover relationship between NetSquared and TechSoup
  • Possibly include testimonials from meetup group comments

Joyce and Eli to think and storyboard and bring back to the team for review. Joyce to begin video interviews in the new year after coming up with core three questions.

Need: Need to formalize role with others
Eli is still waiting on approval to create business cards for organizers, but will create some for the Ambassadors by the time of our DC meeting no matter what!

Need: what is the uniqueness of NetSquared and what other other nptech groups?
It was suggested that organizers collaborate fiercely. Field trips, co-presentations, cross-promotions. Our uniqueness is that we are focused on social good/charities; local face-to-face focus; free/low cost events and regular meetings.

Washington DC Gathering

Duration: agreed to be together for two days before NTC: Tuesday and Wednesday… so we arrive on the Monday. We will do two light days of work together with lots of fun!

The team agreed that experiential and participatory learning is the right model for us.

  • Scavenger hunt in community. Find local organizations and community organizers to talk with
  • Participate in NTEN Day-of-Service on Wednesday before conference.
  • Stephen proposed that we do an Ignite together
  • All of us to join in Net2/501 Tech Club session at conference
  • Can we host a social for other organizers at the beginning of NTC?

NetSquared Camps

Planning continues.

Tag an event on to Connecting Up in Adelaide (May 2014). Working with Ben Teoh on venue and public event for potential organizers before the conference.

Holding a Good for Nothing (hackathon for non-techies). Will invite European organizers in to particpate and gather ahead of time.), or those who may be interested in being Net2 organizers.

Would like to hold unconference for the region, modeled on her 2012 event. Bringing people in a long way is gonna stretch her budget, so she’ll have to focus on Central America for now.

Excel has already held an event in Douala Cameroon this September and is planning to collaborate with the Burkina Faso group on a January 2014 workshop.

Selecting a venue for a Pacific Northwest event in May/June 2014. Probably Vancouver or Portland.
As for the East Coast of the USA… the best strategy may be to tag on to an event on the Eastern Seaboard in summer/fall 2014 or see how many Net2 organizers can make it to NTC in Washington DC.

Other Stuff

  • Maria would like us to identify potential sponsors for NetSquared in DC and arrange for meetings during our trip. Sheetal??