Net2Local Canada Speaker Honoraria

Net2Local Canada Speaker Honoraria #canada

NetSquared has partnered with Chimp, the Charitable Impact Fund, to offer a $50 honorarium to each of our speakers who present at Canadian Net2Local meetups in 2014.


The honoraria will be transferred from the NetSquared “Chimp account” to the presenter or volunteer’s Chimp account. It operates a lot like transferring money between two paypal accounts.
Your presenter does not need to have a Chimp account prior to transfer. All I need is an email address.


Once your event is complete we’ll need to take the following steps:

  1. Email Eli your presenter’s name and email address
  2. Eli will initiate the transfer from the NetSquared Chimp account
  3. That’s it!


$2,000 was granted to NetSquared to support Canadian Net2Local organizers by distributing $50 honoraria to presenters and volunteers. That’s 40 honoraria to be distributed, so we’ll distribute the gifts until we run out.


Chimp didn’t ask for any formal recognition by our groups, but I think we could say thanks in these ways.

Give them a shoutout: @ChimpFund

Meetup Page Sponsors
You can add Chimp as a sponsor on your meetup page.

  • Sponsor Name: Chimp
  • What is the Sponsor offering the Group?: Presenter recognition
  • Tell members more about the Sponsor: Chimp is an online platform that empowers you to manage and amplify your charitable giving.
    With Chimp, you can manage your tax receipts, budget your giving dollars, and give to any charity in the country from a single account. Chimp also provides social giving and fundraising options, and lists essential financial information on every registered charity in Canada.
  • Website:
  • Sponsor logo: DOWNLOAD COPY BELOW


PNG format
Chimp Primary Logo Orange.png
Download: full size version of logo.

EPS vector format
Chimp Primary Logo.eps

Use the logo above on a slide and share the Chimp honorarium sponsorship with your members.


What the heck is Chimp?
Chimp is short for the Charitable Impact Fund and they offer a portal to donate to any registered charity in Canada. You know CanadaHelps? It’s a lot like that, except that there’s additional tools to help you incorporate philanthropy into your everyday life like giving circles and challenges.

And yes, they know it’s confusing to have a name so close to MailChimp. :-/

Why is Chimp offering these honoraria?
Because they believe in philanthropy and like NetSquared. But also because they want to increase awareness and use of their giving platform, and Net2Local presenters are key opinion makers when it comes to online fundraising in Canada.

What’s in it for you?
You have a nice way for you to recognize and thank your presenters and volunteers by giving them $50 that they can donate to the charity of their choice.

Why just Canada?
Chimp currently only operates in Canada. And besides, us Canadians are special and hardy because of our long winters!

What if I have more than one presenter at my event?
No problem. But please reserve the honoraria for presenters and volunteers who have made a significant contribution to your Net2Local group.