Net2Local Travel and Education Bursaries

As of 2014-01-27 we are running low on grant funds. Please contact the NetSquared Community Manager before you apply.

From time-to-time TechSoup offers Net2Local organizers the opportunity to apply for funding to assist with travel or educational opportunities.

The application form:


We invite Net2Local organizers to apply for financial assistance to defray their travel, accommodation or educational expenses that support their role as organizers.

Goals: Why is TechSoup Global providing this grant opportunity?

We are offering travel bursaries for the following reasons:

  • To help Net2Local organizers attend conferences and events where they can share their experience as an organizer and recruit new organizers or co-organizers.
  • To create opportunities for NetSquared organizers to get together face-to-face during where they share ideas, challenges and avenues for future collaboration (especially in support of the Net2Local Regional Ambassador pilot in FY14)
  • To support the personal and career development of Net2Local organizers.

When are applications accepted?

Applications are currently being accepted.

NOTE: Applications will be accepted while funding is available and we may stop accepting applications without notice.

Completion date: All funds must be spent and reports submitted by June 30, 2014.

How much can you ask for?

We will be disbursing grants between US$100 and US$500.

What are eligible expenses?

This funding pool is intended to support Net2Local volunteers become better organizers. We will consider the following expenses:

  • Travel costs
    • plane, train, bus, taxi, bus fare
    • car mileage (56.5 cents US$ per mile)
  • Accommodation (hotels, AirBNB, etc.)
  • Tuition, conference fees, etc.

Your travel or educational expenses may exceed the cap of $500. Net2Local organizers are expected to cover the remainder of their expenses with other funding sources. 🙂

Ineligible expenses

Net2Local organizers are expected to cover incidental expenses including food and beverage, taxis, etc. out of pocket. TechSoup will only consider the three categories of expenses outlined above.

Criteria for selection

Criteria for selection will include sustained and significant contribution to the Net2Local program, demonstrated leadership ability; connections to the tech for social good sector; demonstrated enthusiasm for the Net2 Local mission. Your application must also meet the goals outlined above.

We will prioritize applications from Net2Local organizers who meet the following criteria:

  • Focuses on recruiting participants who have the interest and capacity to take on leadership roles as co-organizers or leaders of their own group in your region.
  • Organizer has been actively holding monthly meetups for at least one year.

NOTE: Net2Local grants are intended to support events that are beyond the scope of your regular events. Net2Local organizers are not eligible for funding to sustain their monthly meetups which are expected to be self sufficient through local in-kind and financial sponsors arranged by the organizer.

Who will make make the selection

A team of TechSoup Global staff will make the selection, led by the NetSquared Community Manager and the Director of Global Media.

How funds will be disbursed and reimbursed

Successful applicants are expected to cover their expenses out-of-pocket.
Receipt(s) will be reimbursed when the organizers submits the following:

  • original copy of receipt(s)
  • Invoice made out to TechSoup Global (template available upon request)

Funds will be disbursed by cheque (USA) or by wire transfer or paypal (outside USA).

NOTE: please allow up to 5 weeks for expenses to be reimbursed.


Organizers must complete their event and submit all required reporting by June 30, 2014.

Successful grantees will be asked to do the following:


  • Completing a post for the NetSquared blog reporting back key outcomes, learnings and relationships formed.
  • Tag videos, slides, tweets, etc. with #Net2
  • Share your event learnings on the Net2Local mailing list (can be adapted from your blog post)
  • Complete reporting survey

Promotion of Net2Local

  • Share your experience as a Net2Local organizers with other attendees at events you participate in
  • Distribute your Net2Local business card (if supplied by TechSoup) to prospective Net2Local organizers

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need more money?

Net2Local organizers are expected to cover some of the travel expenses themselves.
In extraordinary circumstances larger applications will be accepted with prior approval by the Net2Local Community Manager.

When will the money arrive?
If your application is approved please allow five weeks for your funds to be processed. Therefore we encourage you to plan several months in advance or get reimbursement after your trip.

How long will it take to know if my application has been approved or rejected?

Please allow 4 weeks.

Who selects the winning grant proposals?
A team of TechSoup Global staff will make the selection, led by the Net2Local Community Manager and the Director of Global Media.