NetSquared Camp FY14 Application

This page current contains text for a draft of the application form.

Live version:

Lead Organizer Name
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NetSquared Local group city/town


Please list any other organizers (Name and City) who have committed to be involved and their group location (if applicable.
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Please summarize your idea for holding a Regional NetSquared Camp.
Maximum 3 paragraphs. Let us know what style of event and what activities are planned.

What is/are the proposed date(s)?

Do you have a venue in mind? yes/no
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(If yes, please identify)

Do you plan to have a separate gathering of participating NetSquared organizers before, during or after the event? yes/no
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(If yes, please tell us more.)

How much are you asking for?
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Provide a rough budget breakdown.
Please estimate your budget as rough categories the cost of each (USD). (ie. Venue rental, catering, AV rental, AV)

If you are considering bringing organizers or prospective organizers in from outside your city please provide a travel and accommodation estimate?
NOTE: Please provide an estimate with breakdown of cost per item. This section does not apply against the budget cap. Funding would be drawn from a separate granting pool to be disbursed specifically to support Net2 organizer travel and education.

Are there any other details that you would like to share with us, questions or reasons why your event should be supported?

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