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NetSquared is a global volunteer-led project of TechSoup Global that connects the nonprofit and technology communities. Our goal is to create strong, self-sufficient communities of practice where people can come together to share ideas, ask questions, and collaborate around using technology for social benefit.

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Our meetups are:

  • Recurring (monthly ideally)
  • Face-to-face
  • Serve the nonprofit and social benefit community by increasing the tech skills of local organizations
  • Accessible (free or low cost)

What is NetSquared?

NetSquared groups hold monthly in-person events for anyone interested in the connection of technology and social impact. These gatherings are currently taking place in 70+ cities around the world. They offer an opportunity to convene locally to share ideas, learn from one another and collaborate on projects for real world impact.

NetSquared Organizer Role

NetSquared organizers are conveners or hosts who bring together the nonprofit and technology communities. The typical event format is a presentation, workshop or pro bono consultation.

NetSquared organizers don’t usually deliver the content. Instead, they are event producers who select the topic, recruit the speaker(s) and ensure the event is run smoothly. We use to manage our event promotion and RSVPs, which greatly reduces the overhead in promoting events and managing RSVPs.

Time Requirement

Five+ hours/month

Who Participates in NetSquared Events?

Members of NetSquared Local groups represent nonprofit organizations and foundations, technology developers and designers, government agencies and service providers, social innovators and entrepreneurs.

Who Organizes NetSquared Groups?

NetSquared groups are hosted by individuals and organizations.
Our organizers are passionate about promoting the use of technology for good.

Support Offered for NetSquared Organizers

NetSquared provides the following support for all organizers:

  • subscription to make event management and RSVPs easy
  • Slack and Facebook group to connect all organizers around the world
  • Organizers Handbook wiki documenting the best practices and resources needed to succeed as an organizer
  • Group page on promoting your events to TechSoup’s global audience.

NetSquared Organizer Benefits

Nothing is going to be better for your reputation than being a NetSquared organizer because you become a vital connector for the social benefit and technology communities. Being an organizer is a highly skilled and self-directed volunteer job that enables you to build your skills through the support of a network of similarly-minded community-oriented organizers.

NetSquared organizers often see these benefits emerge:

  • Speaking requests (You’ll establish yourself as an expert in your sector.)
  • Job offers (NetSquared is all about networking.)
  • Friendships and mentorships (NetSquared is a magnet for your kind of people.)

Many NetSquared groups are hosted by organizations who serve the nonprofit sector (volunteer centers, United Ways, TSGN Partners) or companies that offer nonprofit technology or communications services and want to give back to their community.

Organizations that choose to become NetSquared often benefit by:

  • Having a set, structured way to offer pro bono support to local nonprofits (avoids the flood of requests if you can easily refer people to your next event)
  • Identifying potential customers and clients
  • Engaging staff in a highly rewarding volunteer opportunity where they can apply their skills
  • Change to develop and demonstrate case studies of successful projects
  • Support and train the local nonprofit community in tech and online communication skills

NetSquared Organizer Expectations

NetSquared organizers commit to the following:

  • Holding regular meetings that are accessible to all interested members of the public (at least once a quarter)
  • Reporting back to NetSquared on a regular basis with the number of participants and the topics discussed
  • Events should be focused on topics at the intersection of technology and social change

If you are interested leading a group please let me know! I will do everything I can to make your you have what you need to move forward. Apply at