NetSquared Local Images

Use the logos and style guide below for adding branding to your Meetup group, other online space, social media presence or for offline hand outs and materials. If you have any questions or problems, email the NetSquared team at



.eps vector files (open with Adobe Illustrator and similar tools)



.png file (works everywhere!)
right-click and “save as…” to download
NetSquared logo transparent large.png

Tech4Good Logo

Many NetSquared-affiliated groups go by “Tech4Good CITY NAME”. Several freely available Tech4Good logos are also available for your use. Download the Templates and Usage Guidelines.


.eps vector file
Style Guide
TechSoup Brand Guidelines 2015-10-14.pdf


Editable, printable poster template to promote your upcoming events. Download here.
NetSquared Editable Poster Template.png


This double-sided four-per-page leaflet can be printed on any office printer.

  • Front: Join your local meetup
  • Back: Become a NetSquared organizer

Download the poster and leaflet


Printable postcard to promote the NetSquared program. Download here.
NetSquared postcard front.png

Community Partner Badge

Organizers, sponsors and community partners are welcome to use this graphic.
NetSquared Community Partner.png

Business Card

If you would like to print your own NetSquared business cards please use this template file.
(These files were created in Adobe Illustrator. You can edit them in any Adobe program, or place them in other word/design documents and add your personal information as text fields on top.

Fonts and .ai file can be downloaded here.

Here’s an example of one of our cards to give you some ideas for laying out the text.

Visual style guide


NetSquared logo usage guidelines

NetSquared organizers are granted permission to use the NetSquared name and logo with their groups as long as their group remains active as defined in the organizer’s guidelines.

Permitted usage

Organizers may use the NetSquared brand and logo in direct support of their group to show their personal or organizational affiliation with NetSquared. The organizer may also customize the NetSquared brand and logo for their own group. Ie. Net2DC

Forbidden usage

The NetSquared brand and logo may not be used in such a way as to construe that the organizer is an employee or authorized agent of NetSquared or TechSoup.

Please contact NetSquared at if you need clarification on these guidelines.
If there is dispute over the interpretation of these rules the NetSquared Community Manager’s decision will be final.

NetSquared Brand Guidelines

Organizers in good standing are given a non-exclusive license to use the “NetSquared” and “Net2” brands for their groups.
This license is active while the until the organizer resigns or has their “good standing” status removed by the NetSquared community manager.

When an organizer is no longer active or in good standing their license has expired and they are no longer permitted to use the “NetSquared” and “Net2” brands.

Social Media

Organizers are encouraged to create social media profiles for their groups, but we ask that they share passwords and/or administrator access with the Community Manager so that the accounts can be passed to the next generation of leaders should you stop being an Organizer.

  • Twitter: send ID and password to
  • Facebook: invite Elijah van der Giessen ( the Community Manager as Administrator